Saturday, May 31, 2014

Farmer's Market ... and House Progress

Lots to blog about and show you today!  First of all, bright and early this morning was the Farmer's Market. What a glorious day - what fun that was.  Clear blue skies, warm with low humidity - just the perfect sunny summer day in the Midwest.  This is the just the way I remember summer days.

Visiting the market there were sleepy chubby babies with chunky limbs and dimples on their feet ... and sweet children with tiny braids and hair that reflected the light of the sun... and on display was an exotic mother hen in a cage with her tiny newly hatched chicks ... and all kinds of dogs were strolling.  There were three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels snuggled together in a stroller!  And friendly laid-back Laboradoodles, and a froo-foo dog in a sparkly netted skirt!  There were plump tomatoes, shiny peppers, bright flowers in all colors and hues ... there were herbs of every kind all freshly thriving in pots .... asparagus and red ripe strawberries, homemade pasta in delightful flavors (some with tomato, basil and garlic), some fashioned of sweet potato, some gluten free and well, you name it, it was there.  Of course there were the usual crocheted items, and knitted hats, aprons, hot pads, American Girl clothing, and homemade goats milk soap (heavenly aromas) .... and an Amish stand with delectable home baked breads and rolls.  There were several booths with homemade (advertised as healthy) dog treats of all kinds.

Now for progress on the house.  Exciting activity taking place!  A big machine called a trowel machine (takes the place of the old-fashioned methods of smoothing with a hand trowel) was industrially 'sanding' the basement floor!  Then more stones were shot into the back porch area and front porch (some spilling on the basement floor and surrounding yard area).  Made me want to climb down into the basement and start shoveling them out!!!!  And the dirt mounds were moved to back fill around the house, making it easier to walk around the area.  Then, very happy to see this, there was lumber and framing material stacked in the front.  Look at this!!!!!!

Hope I didn't lose you with so many photos!

Stay tuned for the next progress report!!!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

The basement and garage floors being poured today!

YAY!  The humongous truck with a long elephant trunk like contraption on top and the good ole' cement truck were parked at the lot!  Busily pumping and churning away!!!!  Lots of busy 'construction and whirring' sounds.  Love it.  Men in orange vests bustling all around.

 These two men are smoothing out the pea-size gravel on the garage floor before pouring.
These two men are smoothing (almost like glass) the cement on the garage floor.  They are using one BIG smoother-squidgy type tool.
 More garage floor smoothing of gravel.  Almost like a giant sandbox!

So smooth and pretty!

 Duncan is enjoying his 'vacation stay' at Beekeeping family's home.  He garners lots of attention and gets to cavort in the backyard with the hens!
 Knitting Daughter has some lovely flowers in her garden too.

And who is this little lady perched so jauntily among the china cups and saucers?  A knitted sweater too!  What a precious little guardian of the china!

Stay tuned for more updates!