Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are these English gardens????

No, these lovely gardens are not located in the United Kingdom.  There are no fluffy sheep or lambs cavorting in rock lined stone fields nearby.  This is more of small town America as I stroll on the sidewalks along the main street.

Now for some views of Beekeeping Daughter's lovely yard.  When I am walking through this, I always feel it is really a park!!!!  First photo is the vegetable garden; in a few weeks this will be lush with vines and tomatoes growing up those cool trellises; and parsley, sunflowers, stevia, marigolds and zinnias will be popping up too.

The rest of the pictures are various spots throughout their yard.

A little wren family is making a new home in this gourd.
 Now for some of their luscious roses!

 And .... Lady's Mantle.

I'll finish this blog with more of Small Town America homes along this stretch of the main north/south street.

 Some creative homeowner painted a little bird on the mailbox!


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  1. Those roses are gorgeous! She has your Green Thumb!