Monday, August 10, 2015

A Weekend in Kentucky

Just returned from a delightful, busy, but very relaxing, weekend with a friend at her family's Kentucky farm home.  The only sounds from the open window were serenades of birds, songs of crickets, the lowing of cattle in the next field ... the soft rustle of leaves.  No drone of traffic, no horns or sirens wailing, no neighbors talking or doors slamming closed.  Quiet .... natural soothing quiet.

I  awoke to the plaintive murmurs of cattle and the song of birds.  The open window revealed a light fog snuggled in the trees.  After a few minutes of just drowsing and stretching and savoring the feel of line dried sheets against my cheek, I detected the gentle sound of voices wafting up from the kitchen and the tinkle of silver, the clink of glassware.  Breakfast time.  

Below are some photos of the morning fog .... the vibrant garden flowers growing along the walkway, the bouquet sitting on the breakfast table.

The day's plans included a trip over hills and hollers, ridges and valleys to the Amish bulk food store and produce stand.  On the way we passed the old water plant building.  Out came the camera.  I was charmed - peeling paint, broken shards for windows, ancient brick.  THIS is what a real water plant building should look like, don't you think?  Note the name of the road on which it stood!!!!

After a lunch of fresh off-the-vine tomatoes and a pasta salad with garden herbs and fresh vegetables, we were treated to a real live technicolor butterfly show.  Now this is what I call a stunning BUTTERFLY GARDEN if ever there was one!

I was beginning to feel that I was in the middle of a 1940's Walt Disney movie and that maybe, just maybe a plump blue bird was going to land on my shoulder or tie a bow in my hair or something.  It was absolutely magical.  Butterflies flitting around us, swooping, fluttering, landing, taking off.  Stunning.

When I was about eight years old, I was a real brat and I begged, whined, cajoled, nagged, cried, and begged some more for a black cocker spaniel.  I dreamed of that little dog, imagined it was running along beside me when I rode my bike, pretended to pet it.  I WANTED a little black cocker ... oh please, please, please.  One of my favorite uncles was a veterinarian in another town in New York and he told my parents he was sure he could get one for me.  The answer was NO ... it was not to be.  Well, one of the neighbors in Kentucky the past weekend stopped by for a chat and entertained us with hilarious stories of recent escapades.  She was accompanied by her dogs, one of which was a darling black cocker spaniel, the exact doggie I begged for almost seventy years ago. The dog of those long-ago dreams. Look at those eyes!!!!

There are no adequate words to properly thank my friend and her family for an absolutely unforgettable, extremely enjoyable weekend in Kentucky.  Enjoyed every moment.

Thank you!