Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tuxedo Kitten, Quilts, Bunnies, and Flowers!!!!

It has been over two months since I blogged.  My apologies.  So much has happened I have just ignored the blog.  No excuse.  I kept thinking I would download photos and type up an entry .... then the day would go by and I was tired and ready to go to bed - no blog was done.  Then I was feeling so guilty about it I didn't even want to think about it.  So much has happened and with this new funny little scampering kitten, I couldn't resist any longer and just sat down and downloaded almost 60 pictures.  Here we are.

It is a cold night with a freeze predicted.  The cat is cuddled next to me on the chair .... a good night to do the blog and talk to you .... and share the pictures.  Hope you are safe and keeping warm ... and enjoying this brisk fall weather.  Soup weather - fire-in-the-fireplace weather - sweaters and warm socks and cuddle-in-a-quilt weather.  One of my favorite times of the year.

A new and very precious kitty has come and taken residence in my heart and my home.  What a cute, soft, funny little rascal he is.  Born May 15, 2015, he was rescued by a local animal rescue service called From the Heart.  They work with Pet Smart here locally; the veterinarian had suggested I look at the kittens there to help fill the emptiness and end the loneliness after Sandy died.  So on September 1, I brought this little guy home.

He came with the name Wally, and it seems to fit him.  Here he is the third day living with me, already owning the house and reclining on the back of the couch.  He reminds me of a swaggering teenager with his arm hanging out the window of his car!  One of my grandsons says, "It's Wally's Senior picture!"  This little kitty is feeling pretty hot - pretty sure of himself and on top of the world.

Not even as big as the window pane, but already hopping onto the windowsill to watch the chipmunks, birds, and squirrels.

Isn't he just the cutest thing, though?  Look at his little pink nose with that tiny black spot on the end!!!  And his fuzzy little feet!  Those eyes!!!!

 Can't you imagine him saying ... oh oh a leaf .... I think that leaf is for me .... oh my and see that bug!  A bug!  Oh boy a BUG!  A BIRD!!!

Oh so much to see!  All for me!

Goodness, such adventure!!  Take a look at those funny little hind legs.  Doesn't that make you want to laugh???

These two pictures above in the chair were taken yesterday, October 16, after living here a month and a half.  He is looking handsome and settled.  A very nice kitty - purrs like a giant motor boat .... plays fetch with his mouse, and comes and cuddles with me at night and when I sit down to read.  A real companion.

*  * * *
Below are pictures of two exquisitely made quilts, carefully pieced by Wonderfully Kind, one of the Monday night sewers/quilters/crafters.  She churns quilts out so quickly my head spins.  The first few pictures are close ups of the piecing and quilting.

These last two show the overall quilts.  Aren't they beautiful?  I would imagine three out of every four quilts she makes is given away to someone as a gift.  This lady is incredibly thoughtful and kind and always doing something for someone else.  A treasure.  I am blessed with very fine friends.

* * * * * * * * *

Along with all the other gardeners here in Central Indiana, I was scrambling to cut blossoms and bring in tender plants last night with the onslaught of our first frost.  Tonight we are to get a real freeze with the temps plunging to 30 degrees.  I hauled pots and picked tomatoes and tried my best to save what could be gleaned and gathered.

* * * * * 
  I will close this blog with some photos of a lovely bouquet of flowers brought to me by an even lovelier little niece.  The tag she wrote on the flowers tells the botanical name for each blossom as well as the meaning of each blossom.  Chosen carefully and written out by her.  I find this a most endearing and magical little bouquet.  I think I want to do this with every bouquet I give to someone.  Another blessing in my life.

Blessings and love to each of you.