Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Back in the saddle again!

Thanks to a wonderful, talented, extremely creative young man I know from working at the same company for many years, I now am able again to add photos to the blog!  He walked me through some changes, mainly in the browser, so that the pictures could again be inserted into the blog.  What a frustrating time it has been these past weeks.  Now I am happily back in the saddle again!!!

Relentless frigid air seems to want to 'sweep down from Canada' and then just camp here in the Midwest. Tonight there are below normal, near zero temps again forecast.  A storm is looming for the weekend, and all of us are praying it doesn't turn into a crippling ice storm.  We are so ready for spring.

While mostly kept in our warm houses for weeks (or months?) on end, I have tackled several sewing projects.  A few had been started and abandoned, laid aside and left sitting in a closet, while some were brand new.  Take a look at what winter weather produced from the sewing room.

One (or was it two?) years ago, Knitting/weaving daughter and I attended a fiber show together and feasted our eyes on these beautifully hand sewn and embroidered little rectangles made from felt.  The French knots and tiny stitches are amazing.  A darling little bird of a lady was quietly sewing these in a booth where many of her other exquisite designs were being sold.  I bought six and started to make pillows but never finished both of them.  Finally, when snowed/frozen into the house, they were finished.

 On a cold February Saturday when we were actually able to get around in the snow, Wonderfully Kind and Constantly Joyous joined me here for lunch.  Then Wonderfully Kind presented us with a lesson on using our machines for appliqueing.  Wonderfully Kind brought scraps of fabrics, books of designs, applique paper and patiently walked us through the process.  My learning/practice piece was an apple which I decided to turn into a little hot pad for the kitchen.  We learned a new skill, feasted on a simple lunch and enjoyed precious fellowship together.

Last of all, I wanted to share with you a project that really reminds me of Grandma Holton.  She was such a dainty feminine little lady - this antique lace collar which I found in my hunts of old through flea markets and antique shows made a perfect collar for a little 'old fashioned looking' sweater.  I carefully repaired some of the areas that were 'broken' on the lace and then tacked it gently to the neckline of the sweater.  I like it - looks old - quaint - sweet - reminds me of Grandma.  I love her so!