Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Settling in my new HOME!

It's been a very positive experience working with Williams Custom Art Builders to design and build this beautiful new home.  Almost seven months of observing my dreams come to reality.

The moving van arrived on the morning of October 24th, and the unloading and relocating began.  Boxes and boxes - furniture being carried in and then each one being checked off the long list of numbers (a numbered sticker was on each box and furniture piece) .... so everything was accounted for by the end of the day! Whew!  I was stressed, but so happy to be home.

It is looking like home ......
 Sandy decided to hide from all the chaos and sleep under the couch ..... of course, his bushy tail protruded and somehow gave away his whereabouts!!!!!  This was right after the movers left, leaving behind lampshades and various lamps sitting around on tables and the mantle - boxes in almost every spare spot of empty floor space.
This afternoon as I was emptying a box and roving from room to room putting things in their new spot, I glanced out the master bedroom window ...... this is what I saw.  

 And a few minutes later ..... this.....

 Sandy jumped up on the bed and was gazing out at the scenes too.  He seems to be staring at the large pine tree on the other side of the fence just to the left of where the horses were grazing.  Maybe a critter or two in those limbs?
Out the kitchen window looking onto the screened porch and the wooded area in the back.  

 Out the kitchen window straight to the back - this is the barn where the horses reside.  The pasture area is to the right of the barn.
The great room in a partially restored state ... I was attempting to get a shot across the room out to the back where the barn is located and the large pine tree.  The master bedroom is to the right of this room, looking out onto the pasture.

I will try to get more photos as I settle in and share those with you.  To put in mildly .... I feel so blessed and to delighted with this home and the glorious setting.  More to come ......


Saturday, October 18, 2014

October - crisp and fresh

This is a simple post on the blog today.  Sharing scenes from just about my favorite time of year.

I'll close with this quote below:  "A house is made of bricks and stone, but a HOME is made of love alone."

Have a blessed Sunday - and week ahead full of joy and love.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Home is almost done!!!!

Home - sweet home - there is no place quite like home.  It won't be long until I will be there - oh my - what a dream.

Mark (of Williams Custom Art Builders) has scheduled the grass to be mowed on Tuesday - and the move-in date is set for Friday.

Queen Anne's Lace has been a favorite since I was a little girl when we would gather bouquets from the fields, put them in various glass jars with red or blue or yellow food coloring.  Then we would watch those delicate blossoms slowly turn pink or blue or a soft yellow.  These flowers are so dainty and so lovely - they will never be classified as a weed in my eyes!

Next Friday - Time for New Things - a new beginning of a new chapter in a new home.  What a blessing.



Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn days - time for reflection

The house is almost completed - soon to move in.  Evenings are crispy cool - quilt weather.  Time for a good book, a juicy apple, and a fire.  Here are some beautiful images to share - life is good.  Blessings abound.  We just have to cultivate our thankful hearts and look for good things.

Tomorrow I will share more photos of the house in its almost - finished state.  In the meantime, enjoy your family, appreciate the little things - look for blessings and you will find them.