Monday, November 16, 2015


The Secret Life of Walter Kitty .... and all the many things this little Wally gets into.  Oh my.  

Before I share some photos with you, I have to tell you that I was in a slight mini-panic and thought a call would have to be made to the Geek Squad!  The messages kept coming on my PC for a free upgrade to Windows 10, and after hearing from a clerk at the frame shop that it was smooth as silk and a great upgrade, I went ahead and submitted.  Just seemed I should keep up and not fall behind on the latest and greatest!!!! Well, the upgrade went fairly smoothly UNTIL I decided to try to upload (or is it download?)  my photos from the camera to the computer. There were several to share and I wanted to do another blog entry on this comical little kitten. But .. NOTHING.  It would not upload (download?) any photographs.  I tried to upgrade the camera app .... Nada.  Nothing.  Zero. Zilch.  Waited another day and tried again.  Zip.  Just about to make a call for some much needed help and mentioned the problem to the Monday night quilter/sewer/crafters.  Constantly Joyous mentioned the fix was just to undo the upgrade.  What?  You can UNDO an upgrade???? She casually shared that there should be a place to click to just undo the whole mess and return to Windows 7.  After a trip back to the room with the computer, she played around with a few clicks here and there until she found the redo button ..... YAY!  Wallah!  Done.  Back to Windows 7 and the camera nicely uploaded all the photos.  We are back in business again.  Nutz to that silly Windows 10 stuff!!!  What is it about these little seemingly simple technical glitches that just throw me for a loop?  I get all in a quandary and feel all frozen up and stuck until it gets put back in order.  It feels like a huge dump truck of worries just slid off my back!  I am in business again!

So .... here is Walter Kitty as he just has to be in the middle of a quilt spread out on the floor for examination.

Wonderfully Kind had been given this quilt to finish constructing.  It was very old and had been stored in a box in someone's attic or garage, smelled a bit musty, but was made with charming, colorful old fabrics.  We think these fabrics are from the 30's or 40's .... very warm, bright, almost enchanting.  Wonderfully Kind turns out quilts practically like a factory and has even completed quilts that people have started but abandoned.  This particular one did nothing for her, however, and she just couldn't get motivated to complete it. Seeing it in pieces, our Little Miss Witty was charmed and entranced.  "It has such happy cottagy colors" she remarked and began spreading it out on the floor, carefully putting the pattern and pieces together.  Wally was right in the middle!!!!!

                                   * * * * *
Then a few days later when I was making up one of the beds, Walter Kitty had to jump in and help.  What is it about cats and making a bed?  Why are they all of a sudden right in the middle of it?  Suddenly they appear from the other end of the house and jump all over the bed and between the sheets and blankets and cavort all over the place.  Here Wally is snuggled down under the blankets and quilt!!!!  A lump in the middle of a nice bed.

Well, after he crawled out, he simply hopped over to the other bed and snuggled himself down among the pillows for a comfortable rest!!!

Isn't he just the cutest????

Speaking of quilts, this amazing mini-quilt was one of the winners at a quilt show here at the local high school.  It was all hand stitched and done in the tiniest, most precise little stitches.  You can see how small and perfect these stitches are in the photograph with the pencil.

Can you imagine cutting out those tiny pieces and sewing each together in such precision?  Wonderful work - a real masterpiece.

Well, I am just so thankful for the ability to download photos again - and am grateful for friends, for sisters, daughters, sons, grandchildren .... for my funny entertaining little Wally Kitty too!!!