Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tree removal and excavation

The slightly painful sight of trees being chopped down and removed to make room for the new house was a bit sad to witness.  We knew which ones had to come down (most were small scrubby ones - but a few were big). One of the larger trees was dangerously listing toward the area where the house will be .... and another was right at the edge of the foundation and would probably have died anyway.

The buzz saws were whirring.  Note the leaning tree that needed to go!!!!  See the nice view I have out my back window - the barn and horses!
 It is truly sad to see these trees coming down - but I know it is necessary.
The 'grove' of trees from the man in his hard hat all the way back to the fence line and all the way to the left STAY as is.  Will probably leave a large portion at the very back in its natural state for the wildlife.  When construction is completed, the screened porch will be located in the trees!  And.... the kitchen and family room windows look out to the horses.
An area being left wild.... and we took a chance and transplanted some of the perennials and bulbs from Bear Cub into this wooded area.

 Not sure what I was running through my brain at the time, but I thought if I stood and pointed where some of the transplants were located, I would be sure to find them next fall!
Knitting daughter is doing her 'point and find' for more of the chosen perennials!  

Beekeeping daughter picked out a small Dogwood at the Arbor Day events on Saturday and transplanted with me.  Being the thoughtful little lady she is, Beekeeping daughter also tagged the sapling with a red marker!  When we were there together placing the little Dogwood into the ground, Beekeeping daughter and I were able to locate all the woodland hyacinths, columbine, geraniums, etc., with no trouble at all.

Got a call (actually two calls) this morning alerting me to the fact that the excavation was beginning on the lot. At 3:00 this afternoon, this is what appears!

As I snapped the pictures and tiptoed in the wooded area and the driveway next door, I felt a little like I had the potential to impede the progress, so I did not stay too long.  This crew was extremely efficient.  As one dump truck was loaded with dirt, another one appeared in line ready to be filled. Off they would go (not sure WHERE) and then the trucks would reappear one after another to be filled and to cart away more dirt.  No waiting - just an efficient fill it, leave, load the next truck, come back - over and over.  The 'digger' kept going.  Amazing.  My darling niece's little one-year-old boy is enthralled with 'diggers' and will probably spend some hours with his Mom sitting in the car nearby to observe this amazing process.  Aren't little boys precious?

Very exciting day, I would say.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Moving Day

Yes, the big truck arrived on Thursday.  Floor coverings were taped in place, dollies rolled in, three kind, hard working men started logging items, placing stickers on furniture and boxes, padding and shrink wrapping my life.  Then rolling it aboard the double doors of the truck.

 Sandy found a new sleeping spot for his day-long naps!!!!  Soon to be removed - uh oh!

Puff puff ..... what a team!!!!!

 Books are all carted away!!!!
 Great room is so empty - seems naked in there!
 Dining room - looks like we could have a dance on the floor!!!

 Karen, this is what 'your room' looks like now!!!!

 Chris, this is where you like to sleep!!!!

The empty sewing room.  

Stay tuned for more photos of the new lot - and the wild brush and trees before some of them are cleared.