Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Moving Day

Yes, the big truck arrived on Thursday.  Floor coverings were taped in place, dollies rolled in, three kind, hard working men started logging items, placing stickers on furniture and boxes, padding and shrink wrapping my life.  Then rolling it aboard the double doors of the truck.

 Sandy found a new sleeping spot for his day-long naps!!!!  Soon to be removed - uh oh!

Puff puff ..... what a team!!!!!

 Books are all carted away!!!!
 Great room is so empty - seems naked in there!
 Dining room - looks like we could have a dance on the floor!!!

 Karen, this is what 'your room' looks like now!!!!

 Chris, this is where you like to sleep!!!!

The empty sewing room.  

Stay tuned for more photos of the new lot - and the wild brush and trees before some of them are cleared.




  1. I am glad moving day went well and you have crossed the threshold to the next chapter. Although I will miss "my" room, I can't wait to see your new home next fall when I make my annual trip. How and where did you move the bees? Will they be okay?

  2. Meeting new people, experiencing new things, and the potential to make new fond memories is something people look forward to when they move. Though it can be quite tiring too, given the amount of things you have to transport, and the preparations you have to do to make the move as smoothly as it can possibly be. Anyway, I hope you were able to settle in soon after. Cheers!

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