Sunday, May 25, 2014

Small Town America

Each day, I attempt to work into the schedule a two-mile walk.  The route takes me through this lovely small town where it is evident the people take pride in their homes, planting flower gardens, painting window boxes, adding picket fences, and putting up tire swings for their little ones.

 Cute little porch with white trim.... and a flower pot by the door!
 This house has many flowers in front.  I will show those later.
 There is one yard dedicated to honoring the Indiana soldiers who gave their lives in service in Afghanistan.  The crosses keep growing weekly.  It is a touching memorial.  Behind that home is an historic cemetery filled with graves of slaves.  This town is a Quaker town and was a key spot for the Underground Railroad during Civil War days.
 More of this solemn memorial for the Indiana soldiers.  They gave their lives that we can live in freedom. I often wonder if we are truly grateful enough and appreciate fully the life we enjoy here today... and what they gave for their country.
 Onward toward the center of town is another little home with a white picket fence.
 The homeowners seem to take delight in healthy flower gardens.
 Wouldn't you like to stop for a cup of tea in this spot?
 A little iron fence surrounds this home.
 This big red brick home is very old.  I wish I could tell you the year it was constructed.
 This little white house has a tiny balcony on the second floor up among the tree limbs.
 A leaded glass window!

 Beautiful blooms.
Look at that flower box.  Makes me want to paint something with big polka-dots all over!!!!

 This garden was located between the street and the sidewalk.  So pretty.

All of these lovely flowers and creative landscaping right along the main drive through town.  So much to enjoy.  Evidence of love of home and country everywhere we look.

When I was growing up, Memorial Day was called "Decoration Day" because that was when we decorated the graves of all the brave men and women who had given their lives for the liberties we enjoy today.  We would buy a little red paper poppy which was made by veterans of the wars and wear this poppy in remembrance.  I thought it was fitting to see these vibrant poppies growing along the fence at this home in town.
Last but not least - the tire swing!!!!  Maybe sometime I will catch a young person swaying and pumping high in the air - if so, I will snap a good photo.  There is usually a barking dog that lets me know I am passing his yard!!!!
Return from my walk to the small neighborhood where I am staying while the new house is being built.  A pretty little neighborhood of young families, hard working people, small homes with little yards carefully manicured - and I enjoy the laughter and squeals of the children playing.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone.


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