Thursday, May 29, 2014

The basement and garage floors being poured today!

YAY!  The humongous truck with a long elephant trunk like contraption on top and the good ole' cement truck were parked at the lot!  Busily pumping and churning away!!!!  Lots of busy 'construction and whirring' sounds.  Love it.  Men in orange vests bustling all around.

 These two men are smoothing out the pea-size gravel on the garage floor before pouring.
These two men are smoothing (almost like glass) the cement on the garage floor.  They are using one BIG smoother-squidgy type tool.
 More garage floor smoothing of gravel.  Almost like a giant sandbox!

So smooth and pretty!

 Duncan is enjoying his 'vacation stay' at Beekeeping family's home.  He garners lots of attention and gets to cavort in the backyard with the hens!
 Knitting Daughter has some lovely flowers in her garden too.

And who is this little lady perched so jauntily among the china cups and saucers?  A knitted sweater too!  What a precious little guardian of the china!

Stay tuned for more updates!