Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The dying tree is gone!

Poor old half-dead dying tree has been removed.  Only stump remains.  Before you see the spot where the tree used to be, take a look at this:

In the center of the turn-around at the end of the cul-de-sac a lovely landscaped area is located.  Here is a picture of  some stunning iris blooms.
Another view of the irises.  This is taken from the opposite side from where the lot is located.  The pretty home in the back is my next door neighbor to the west of the house.

This is a view of the water still being pumped by the temporary sump pump.  We had a lot of rain!

 A simple stump remains from the dead tree.
 From another angle - this tree would have been right next to the garage and ripe to fall upon it!!!
The 'bare spot' is the former location of our tree!

 Yesterday was spent with Beekeeping Daughter (who also has two hens).  We were privileged to be witnesses to a newly hatched egg!
 The proud mother!!!!!!  Much cackling and broadcasting of the news coming forth from the nest box!
Here are the two together - Marge and Gloria!  
Whoops - wait a minute!  Cannot be outdone - the other 'lady' laid an egg too!   Fresh and warm!
 A view of the front door where Beekeeper Daughter lives.  She has a very green thumb!  All things seem to bloom and blossom under her touch!

Until tomorrow!


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