Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Progress is being made each day

The lot is on one of my 'errand stops' each day, camera in hand!  After the great 'dig' there were wood pieces placed to indicate where to pour concrete for some type of footing (I believe).  As you can tell, building expertise is not my gift!!!!  You can see the concrete that was poured between the wood in some of the photos - most notably the one just below.
 This is the garage area which is at right angles to the house.  There will be a door from inside the garage that leads to a hallway.  To one side of the hall will be the utility room and next to that will be a walk-in pantry.  To the right of the hall will be an entrance to the kitchen.
This is looking to the area that meets up with the garage. The rectangle to the far left is the utility room/walk-in pantry and hallway that I mentioned above..   The big space is for the kitchen at the back and dining room at the front. As you can see, the concrete has been covered with gravel.
This shot is looking straight down at the front entrance.  As you can see, the 'footings' had been poured and drain pipes placed all around the perimeter.  Then a kind of fine pea gravel was placed all over it.

This shot is from the back of the house looking toward the street and slightly to the right.  The closest footings (with dirt inside and not 'dug out') is the area where the screened-in porch will be.  It happens to be among trees as you possibly can tell by the shaded area.
This is what met me the following day.  Additional drain pipe tubes were put around the perimeter.  It has been explained to me that this is what takes the moisture and allows it to be pumped with the sump pump out of the basement and out from around the foundation.
 A long loose, possibly left over or additional piece of drain tube.
This is standing at the front and looking to the right where the three bedrooms, closets, bathrooms and a hallway will be located (also walk-in closet with the master bedroom).  The over-sized sump pit thing-a-ma-jig is sitting there on top of the gravel.  A temporary sump pump will be installed during this building process to pump out rain water and moisture that collects.  We are expecting thunder storms later this week.  It is, after all, spring in Indiana!  I believe additional pea gravel has been added to it also, or at least smoothed out.
The men digging the foundation commented that this was a nice, easy foundation, with good solid dirt.  They sometimes have to dig where it is squishy and muddy - messy.  Thankfully, this was an easy, clean one to do.
 There have been posted photos of one of my 'grand dogs' .... and here are some photos of my one and only 'grand cat'.  She is very petite, very gentle, very sweet.  Ripley is her name - and she graciously allowed me to take some shots of her.

Isn't she a sweetie?

More construction news coming - stay tuned!



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