Thursday, May 15, 2014

Soggy - but hard at work!

After the volunteer time at the hospital this morning, I drove over to see what, if anything, was happening at the lot.  What a pleasant surprise!  After all the downpours of heavy rain the last few days, I was expecting just a lot of water and more mud slipping down the wall and no further progress since the last entry.  But no!!! Men were hard at work sloshing around in mud and in some places water half way up to their knees placing the cement forms along the walls of the basement.  What troopers they are!  I bet they were here yesterday too, and I never even checked!  It was pouring so much, I figured no one was here yesterday. Hopefully we will not be too far off our construction schedule .... nice!

 This is taken from my neighbors' driveway on the west side looking to the east.  These are some of the most wonderful neighbors God has ever given me.  Her name is Barbara and she has invited me in for tea and cookies already - and we spent a very pleasant time together.  She is a grandmother like me, loves to iron as I do, and has a tastefully decorated, very comfortable home.  Anyway, this shot looks from her driveway toward my new home.  When viewing out her utility room window which is located further toward the back of the house looking toward my back yard (where she likes to iron, by the way), she will see the woods, wildflowers, and the remainder of my back yard, which I plan to landscape with flowers, birdbath, little pathways, etc.
 This is a little closer shot, so you can see some of the water.  Men were on the outside (see the man in red) as well as down in the basement area.
 I slowly picked my way back and around through the little grove of trees and wildflowers to the back of the house and took this shot as I walked back. This is from the back kind of west corner looking toward the front of the house.  One of the men down inside gave me a quick holler asking if I wanted to help!!!!
 Now I have slopped and picked my way around to the east of the house looking to the west (toward the driveway where I took the first shots).
 Is there a dare devil on every team????  If so, I think I just spotted a 'trapeze artist wannabe' dare devil from this group of men!!!  He is very relaxed as he strolls across this little area.  If he tumbles, he goes way down into a basement on one side (or a big puddle of brown muddy water on the other side)!!!  Note the mud on his pants and boots!  Not the best working conditions in this weather.  Come to think of it, he probably much prefers strolling across this narrow wall instead of trying to make his way through the mud!
I got kind of silly at this point (my feet were sodden and my pant legs were wet and I think it was affecting my brain!!) So ... I held the camera over my head and shot across from the side to the back, attempting to see if the basement was wet.  They obviously had dug out any of the dirt that slid down the sides in the downpours and were efficiently pumping out water.
 As I passed by our tightrope walker (he was on that wall where the cord in resting), I wanted to catch a picture of all the muddy water around the foundation outside.  ICK.  It truly has been raining hard off and on since Sunday.  Nice rain for the gardens and yards and all the trees and bushes.  I promised myself I would never ever ever complain about rain again after the droughts!
 I then trooped back to the car and  putted myself on over to Knitting Daughter's home where I do my laundry on Thursday afternoons, usually utilizing her much coveted (by me) clothesline.  Since it is still drizzling slightly and only 49 degrees outside, I will use her dryer today instead.  Since I was still very much in a picture-taking mode, I wanted to show you the cute little embroidered dish towels that hang so jauntily on her stove.  I would add "or a cat" on the one towel that is to the right - as I just adore having my big fat kitty!
 Looks so cute and homey hanging there, don't you think?
 OK - got to make maximum use of my time here - so make piles of laundry and get started.  Laying out the colored clothes first as I ready the machine.  Unfortunately, above-mentioned kitty managed to vomit all over one of my sweatshirts and part of a quilt that he was sleeping on - so have to wash that too!!!!!
First, the load of sheets, towels, nightgown and 'unmentionables' into the fancy front-loading machine.  It is swishing around happily here.  Reminds me of my mother's old front loading Westinghouse machine.  Is the old saying "what goes around comes around" or "everything old is new again" being played out here with a front loading machine being so popular again these days????  I think Mom might be smiling!  Grandma Holton would be too, I expect.  Grandma Holton probably had to use a wash board ...or one of those old machines with the ringer attached to the top.  Wish I could ask her about it!

Tonight I plan to go to Bee Keeper daughter's home, spend some time with Duncan, and drop of a birthday gift for one of my grandsons.  I am blessed indeed.

Watch for next phase!!!!


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