Saturday, May 10, 2014

More material for the foundation!

This is what greeted me Saturday at around noon.  Since I was on a day-long 'annual flower trip' with dear friends on Friday, there was no checking on the lot progress until Saturday.

 The classy Williams Custom Art Builders sign - perched so nicely in front of the construction at the lot.  Again, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company for a beautiful custom made home.
 Goofy me.  Those big pieces (some of which were laying on the mound in the last blog) are NOT made of concrete.  They just looked like it from afar because of the gravel dust.  They seem to be made of heavy metal.  Now there are big groups of them sitting all around on the foundation.  This is looking toward the bedrooms.
 This is toward the great room and then kitchen, etc., to the left.
 This is more of the kitchen area and to the far left the utility room and pantry areas.
I took this shot standing in the neighbor's driveway looking at the lot from the west towards the east.  The tree in the middle is the one that is so badly damaged and should come down.

 These fragrant lilacs were sitting on Knitting Daughter's kitchen table.   Aroma is heavenly.
 Another shot - I just so like the soup tureen these are sitting in on that handmade table!
 Each Thursday I have been trekking over to Knitting Daughter's home to do my weekly laundry - she has a GREAT CLOTHESLINE that I covet - nothing like sheets dried outside in the fresh air.  So sweet to lay my head down on the pillow cases smelling like outdoors.
I even enjoy watching and listening to them flapping in the breeze!
A big happy surprise!  Ohio daughter called this morning and said she was making a quick trip to Indiana.  'What are your plans today, MOM?'  We took a 'selfy' at the lot - what fun to see her.


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  1. 1. House is really moving along!
    2. Love the lilacs and that soup tureen reminds me of Mom.
    3. Sun-dried of life's greatest pleasures.
    4. So glad you had a nice surprise visit.
    5. Love you!