Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lunchtime on Thursday, May 8

Before I start showing today's photo shots and going on about the progress, I have to say that God's hand was surely with me when He guided me to this builder!  He is a gem - a real prince!  The company name is Williams Custom Art Builders.  The next time I am at the lot, I'll take a photo of their classy company sign that sits at the front of the lot.  I am working with Mark Williams, who is, as mentioned above, a real prince. He is in business with his father and his uncle and has learned the home building business from the ground up.  His parents have done a fantastic job raising this young man.  Polite, kind, thoughtful, wise, hard working, good communicator ..... and he makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind homes.  He is kind enough to meet me at the lot and cart me around with him as we make the rounds picking out appliances, cabinets, etc.  Or we will meet there at the lot and make design decisions on windows, etc.  He explains things in a way that even I can understand and grasp.  AND he is patient during the process.  Very thoughtful, fun to be around person!!!!  If anyone wants to build a new home, I highly recommend this company.

OK ... on with the progress of the day.  Stopped at the lot today right after my volunteer duties were finished at the hospital.   It was noon, hot, sunny, humid.  Parked, grabbed the camera and took photos of this:

As I parked the car and walked toward the 'house' I saw these long pieces that appeared to be made of concrete or some such material.
Walking up to them, this is what they look like.  I am fairly sure this is material for the part of the walls of the foundation.  I am such a dumb-dumb about some of this that I don't know quite what to call it.
Closer to the foundation on the other side of the mound of dirt, these long steel bars were lying on the ground.
I gingerly stepped closer to the edge of the foundation.  Big orange markings with numbers and various codes are written on the concrete footing parts of the floor.  This is really a fascinating process.  One of those concrete looking pieces is standing on end there too.  (Leaning against the nearest wall).
A closer look at the markings where the front entrance will be some day!  Incidentally, Monday evening when I met Mark there, he was remeasuring all the footings and foundation work to be sure it was exactly correct.  Sort of like what I do when I construct a quilt or a garment.  Measure and remeasure before going forward.  I at least realize that this foundation process is crucial for a good, well constructed, quality home.

Thought you might like to see what the landscaped area in the middle of the turn-around at the end of the cul-de-sac looks like.  This is almost in front of my driveway - a little to the west slightly.
Extremely warm today - going up to 85 degrees - in my opinion that is much too hot too soon for Indiana. However, it sure beats the winter weather or a freezing rain!!!!  Ripe for a good storm, though.
Sadly, I fear one more tree is going to have to come down.  See that tall skinny tree a slight bit to the right of center?  It is dead from about half way up all the way to the top, with only a few scraggly limbs below that showing leaves.  It is also badly scarred toward the bottom, looks tenuous at best - and has some holes on the west side of the trunk.  My 'guts' tell me if we don't remove it now, we will have to later - or it may even topple over on the house.  Don't want that!!! I wouldn't be surprised if the roots were horribly damaged from the foundation work also.  When Mark and I were examining it, he thought it looked like an Ash.  Neither one of us wants to demolish a tree of all things - but in this case, I do believe it would be the wisest thing.  Mark confided that one of the things he dislikes about construction, is removal of trees.  He said rather sadly, "Some of these trees have been here on earth longer than I have." (See what I mean about what a good, conscientious person he is????)

I have come to realize that I am a person who really enjoys big projects!  That was always a joy at work, and I have really had a good time at the Bear Cub house planning landscaping, adding gardens, doing projects for that home. People have warned me that building a home is just a terribly stressful difficult thing and they advised against my doing it..... and I know it can have the stresses, but the whole planning and 'big project' aspect of it is very rewarding to me!!!!

Stay tuned for more progress in the days ahead!!!


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  1. This is looking good and am glad you are enjoying the process. May your good luck continue.