Saturday, May 3, 2014

The big hole - new house

The excavation job ------ 
Well, I stopped by late on Thursday afternoon, and the hole for the basement appears to be finished!!!!   This is what greeted me as I drove up - first of all, the 'makeshift' driveway.  Big junks of rock for the trucks and 'digger' to use.  This is most likely where the 'real' driveway will be located.

 Then, the basement appears!  It had rained the night before, so there were a few puddles in the corners.  Being a sump pump freak, it concerned me that the basement might be perpetually wet.  Assurances were given me that it was simply puddles from the rain, not a constant stream of water.  The sump pump in my former house ran almost constantly, planting in my brain that the house was constructed over an underground stream of some size!!!!  Aquifer - always running - constant sump pump activity - nice for the well status, terrible for the sump pump.  This new basement, I trust, will not be over an aquifer.
 Lots of dirt to the right of the 'driveway' that remains.  Believe it will be used to back fill some areas, but being a novice at this and not construction site savvy, I am not totally sure.
Stopped by my niece's Friday morning to drop off a wide picture hat complete with netting and flowers - so my precious niece can wear it to a Derby Party!  Of course, I had to take some photos of her little one-year-old.  He has my heart wrapped up already.  I guess he is my grand nephew - if I have the terms correct .... what a charmer.
He is clued in that when my camera takes over my face, he smiles.  What a cutie he is.  He has a wonderful little Mama too - that niece is a doll, very sweet, thoughtful, great cook and baker - and just one of the nicest people I know.

More construction to come.



  1. Construction looks good! And that lil guy is precious...LOVE that red hair!

  2. Great - you're moving along well.