Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beautiful blooms while we wait!

Central Indiana had another round of severe weather and storms yesterday afternoon and evening. Experienced a lot of heavy rain and some hail too.  Today it is warm and clear, sunny and lovely.  After things dry out a bit and the contractor finishes his present concrete job, we are hoping to pour the basement and garage floor  - aiming for tomorrow, Friday.  We will see.

In the meantime, let's enjoy what God is doing with the flowers here:

Chive blossoms in Chef Son's garden.  I know these flowers are edible, but I have never tried eating them. We always simply chop up the green stems in tiny pieces and add them to dishes such as potato salad and cottage cheese - or an omelet.  Delish.
An iris blossom from the island at the end of the street where the house is being constructed.  
I tried getting this Columbine in a detailed close-up shot, but it was just slightly waving and nodding in the breeze, so it is slightly fuzzy.
 This is one of the Passion Flowers from the yard last fall.  I just wanted to add it here to keep the theme going and to share the beauty of those blossoms.
Also taken at my former home/yard, I tried to catch that honey bee in action.  The honey was so sweet, mild and had a bit of a fruity taste .... the hives are now at Beekeeper Daughter's home gathering pollen and working hard!  We are looking forward to the honey they will produce this season.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be photos of the cement being poured and preparing to harden for the next step in the construction process.  In  a week or two, weather and scheduling permitting, we should see some of the structure going up!  One of the neighbors remarked, it's exciting 'when the sticks go up.'  Stay tuned!


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