Saturday, July 19, 2014

4-H Fair

On a crisp, bright, comfortable late summer afternoon Beekeeper Daughter took me to the 4-H Fair.  We dined on lamb or turkey burgers, visited with dear friends and marveled at the growth of their children, ran into others with their grandchildren, and in general enjoyed a fresh wholesome evening.  We marveled at the beautiful animals and fowl, and admired the Master Gardeners' rose and vegetable gardens.

 These two roses were from the newly formed Rose Garden.
 Isn't this a nice way to grow cucumbers (or any climbing vegetables) ... it was a long V-shaped wire trellis for the vines to climb up both sides.  I want to try this next summer - maybe for squash.
 Some of the herbs - I was intrigued by the beautiful and unusual blooms of the borage.
 A long view of the herb gardens.
 No sign accompanied this stunning plant, and I am unclear what it is.  It is almost a double version of something ..... just eye-catching.  If anyone knows what this is, please let me know.  I'd like to plant this also.
So vibrant!

Now for some views of the rabbits and hilarious showy chickens!

 Yes, a box of tiny tiny little baby rabbits (called kits) ... asleep in their box with mama right beside the box.  Look at that one with his tiny feet in the air.  So cute!
 Soft as velvet - almost a live version of The Velveteen Rabbit!
 Wouldn't you love to read his mind???? What is he thinking.  "I am sooooo bored and tired of this place."

Moving on to the fowl - where all kinds of crowing and chicken squawking was occurring!!!!
 This one made me laugh right out loud!  Looked like a character Jim Henson would create for the Muppet's!

 More Muppet material!
Whooooheeee ... another funny little critter.

                                                                         * * * * * *

A friend of ours raises sheep .... so off we trotted to the sheep barn.  The big sheep show was that evening, so they were being sheared..  groomed, bathed, and placed in special coverings to stay perfectly clean until the show.

 I imagine these sheep are somewhat embarrassed in this get-up!

Another friend has pigs ..... so onward to the swine barn!

Look at those feet!

We tore ourselves away and headed home .... good wholesome fun!



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