Thursday, July 17, 2014

Brick portion of house almost completed!

Holton House is almost completely bricked now.  The last sections are being placed on the house .... and the next stage will be cleaning of the brick.  They have done such a neat job, it almost doesn't look like it requires a great amount of work to clean it all.  Note the address 'marker' is now in place on the front corner.

These first three photos are of the front of the house.  As you can see, there is the area around the front door/little front porch and the section to the right of that remaining.
This above picture is of the back of the house.  The gable is above the great room.  Window to the right is the kitchen where the table will be ... and to the left is the master bedroom.
 More of the back of the house.

This picture is around the east side where a bathroom window is being placed.  The 'wrong' window was put in there first, and this is more of a 'frosted' window being put in today.

 The highest peak in the front of the house, just to the left of the front porch.
This is the screened porch - showing the window and the door from the kitchen to the porch .... that area is all bricked, as you can see.

More of the back porch (kitchen door to the far left in the photo).
                                                                    * * * * * * * * *

Now for a change of pace - the KY farmhouse has what is called a summer kitchen out behind the house, connected by a porch/breezeway type area.  The summer kitchen is where all the big big cooking projects (like multiple batches of fudge during the holidays) and also all the canning takes place. It is a perfect solution to keep the main house cooler and yet allow big projects that get messy and take a lot of room to get accomplished. Below are scenes of the canned food still remaining from last summer, shelves of jars awaiting this year's produce, and a little picture (second one down) of the breezeway area between the house and the summer kitchen.   Perched there on the table were two sun hats and some sun glasses.  I loved it.

A nice sized walk-in pantry is located in my new house, and I am eager to fill those shelves with good food, jars of honey, and my pretty containers of flour, sugar and tea!!!  These shelves in the photos above in the KY summer kitchen just fueled my enthusiasm for the new house.



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