Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Quilts from Kentucky

While on the dream mini-vacation in Kentucky, the heirloom quilts and crocheted bedspread were brought out for viewing.  Every quilt is HAND QUILTED and the backs of the newer ones are embroidered with the quilter and the date the quilt was completed.

 This magnificent HAND quilted and HAND appliqued quilt (above) was created by Constantly Joyeous' Aunt Hazel.
Here is another quilt .....

And then another one .....

Yes, a fourth one.

 The above four (4) quilts were all hand sewn gifts of love from Aunt Hazel to family members.

The two quilts below are extremely old - not sure who made them - handed down to the family and used and loved until they are thread bare in spots.  What a legacy!

This last bedspread in a crocheted masterpiece.  If I am not mistaken, it was made by Constantly Joyeous's grandmother,  but I am not sure!  Exquisite.  When we placed it on the bed, the weight of it caught us by surprise!!!

What a legacy!!!!  You can't buy these anywhere and rare heirlooms these days!!!!! 

Last photo is of Magnificent Molly, the family dog in KY.  She howls on command - here she is with her head thrown back and howling for all she's worth!!!

Walt Disney Studios will be calling soon!  Such a special one, that Molly!

Watch for more in days to come.


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