Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wild things growing by the Kentucky wayside

Still wanting to share with you some of the things we saw on the roadside during our Kentucky weekend.  Deb, a kind neighbor and the owner of Al, Blacky, Buddy and Cici, pointed out vegetation and relayed some very interesting stories and folklore along the way.
 Paw-Paw trees.

I just really like Queen Anne's Lace.  I would even like to PLANT some in my flower gardens.  They are so pretty in bouquets with other flowers.  One of my memories of growing up is to pick Queen Anne's Lace, bring it home, and put it in a jar with food coloring ... then watch it change color.
 Trumpet vines - which are considered a rather invasive weed in this area ... but I understand in other parts of the country the Trumpet vine is sold as a 'good' plant!
 Wild black berries - they are beginning to ripen - give them another few days, though!
 May apple ......
 Wild sweet potato vines ....

The above-mentioned Blacky, Buddy and Cici.  What dog wouldn't love to dive into a natural spring-fed water hole!!!!

And a very interesting fossil rock - looks like an interesting critter there, huh?


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