Monday, July 7, 2014

Kentucky Fourth of July

Just returned from a relaxing, soul enriching three days in Kentucky.  Stunning countryside - returned with over two hundred photos!  Today I will try to share with you come glimpses of the lush vegetation there. In tomorrow's blog you will see some of the delicious recipes that were prepared and view exquisite quilts and handwork.

We will begin with views of this charming country home with its front porch, white fences and ancient shade trees.

Had to show you the 'Mamma kitty' who resides here.  See her walking beneath the shade tree?

Vivid blossoms surrounding the patio.

 Along the lane leading to the house from the country road.... hostas, lilies, phlox, fir trees, roses, oh my - lush!
 Pristine white fences.

 Plump mounded hay!
 Colorful crawling creatures.
Deb, a delightful woman with four frisky dogs walked with us and enlightened me as to some of the history here... and taught me about some of the interesting plants and trees (watch for tomorrow's blog with photos of May Apples, Trumpet Vines, wild Sweet Potato vines, a creaking, leaning 1860 home and more).  If I am not mistaken, this is Buddy and Cici, the two black Cocker spaniels.  They eagerly plunged into the creek and got sopping wet all the way to their floppy silky ears!

 Can you spot Al - Deb's white dog - who also trotted along with us on our walk?  He was a very very nice dog!  Followed us all the way home!

 Each morning I woke to the lowing of cattle and this scene right out the bedroom window.  Bliss!

 Imagine a lane like this to walk along each day .... birdsong and rustling leaves.  An occasional skitter of tiny feet in the brush.
Pure delight.

I will close today's blog with a photo of Molly - precious delightful huggable Molly - the reigning dog of the house.  More on this delightful little thing tomorrow also!!!!  What a poocher dog!!!!!  She even smiles for the camera!!!!!  More to come ....

We ate like queens, slept like babes, viewed scenes like artists, and felt loved and blessed.  Brilliant sunshine, soft breezes, bright blue skies ..... a wonderful mini-vacation. 


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