Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Doors are going on!

There has been a flurry of activity at Holton House, but nothing for the last few days to really blog and show you.  There has been placement and installation of electric outlets and plugs, etc., and installation of the heating/cooling with all kinds of vents and duct work in various locations. Not exactly exciting fodder for a blog!!! Lots of good country music blaring as the furnace was being placed in the basement and cutting of metal was occurring.

Today when I stopped by, brick was sitting in the front 'yard' awaiting additional shipment of more brick ... and the final three windows were peeking out already in place- pretty and shiny.  And ... when I entered the house there were people sawing, measuring, leveling, etc., as the porch walls were in construction 'mode' and the doors were being placed in the openings.

 Note those pretty little windows above the garage and dining room!
 A partial shipment of the nice red bricks.
 This is the pocket door that goes from the hall into the utility/sewing room.

 Another view of the pocket door and the window (now installed) that is in the utility/sewing room.

 View out the door from the kitchen to the porch so you can see the porch 'wall's going up.  This is a view looking out the side toward my west neighbor.  Lovely people live there.  A side view of one of the workers too!!!!
 This is the porch looking to the back yard.  My mini 'forest..'
 Duct work around the fireplace area being constructed.
The new door from the kitchen onto the porch.
* * * * *
 As most of you are aware, my temporary home while Holton House is under construction is with Chef Son.  This is one of the heads of lettuce we harvested from the garden in his backyard.
 The computer is located at Knitting Daughter's home, where Olive lives .... here Miss Olive is in her new red scarf.  As you can probably detect, Olive is camera shy.  She basically walks away or turns away from the camera, so some bribery and dog treats are usually put into play when we desire a picture.  Her eyes demonstrate a bit of fear and doubt!!!!

I will try to get some shots of the house Thursday, July 3, because I have been informed the roofers will be starting that day!  The shingles will make a huge and welcome change when it comes to preventing the rain from getting in and dampening everything!!!!  

Have a safe and blessed fourth!  We have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate in our land of liberty - the home of the brave and free.  May we continue to be so!


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