Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Drywall on the house!

When the dry wall starts going up, the house really starts to look like 'home' to me.  Very exciting times.
Entering through the garage, this is what greeted me first - installers placing the ceiling on!

Then the inside is started to look like the photo below!!!!!
 That is looking to the back of the house from the dining room into the kitchen.  The pipes sticking up are where the sink and dishwasher will be located.

Today I stopped by (a couple of days after the above photos were taken).  The dry walling experts have added plaster type gook to seams, etc., and have smoothed it down.  Yesterday they were clumping around on stilt-like contraptions and platforms adding the plaster and smoothing it like frosting.  We joked and said they could get a second job in a bakery!

Now today a crew is adding the texture to the ceilings.  I had to dart and dash and duck myself around ... and quickly decided to take two photos and get out of there before I caused a calamity!  Someone was rolling the wet material on the ceiling and then others were using a long-handled tool to sort of punch the wet plaster and make it into a texture like star bursts.

Amazing process.

Tomorrow they sand all the walls to make them smooth as silk .... and I was gently advised to stay away tomorrow or I would become enveloped in a dust cloud!  Then the trim carpenter in a few days after that, I believe ..... and then some painting.  Pictures will be forthcoming as we get to those stages!

Fun!  I do wonder what Grandpa Holton would think of all this modern construction!  Certainly more detailed and sophisticated than his cottages on the lake.




  1. So glad to hear from you - it's really taking shape now.


  2. Coming down the homestretch...now comes the fun part with all the finishing touches.