Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fireplace and bookcases with primer coat of paint

Saturday - hot and humid - humidity level at 93% with temps in upper 80's climbing to 90.  Dog days of August for sure.  Just want to lie down in an air conditioned room and drink water all day!!!!  Anyway, I drove down to the new house to see the primer paint that was applied to the fireplace and bookcases.

The work this talented trim carpenter does makes me extremely pleased.  Very good work - and exactly like the drawings we gave him to use for the designs.  Lovely.  This house is a dream come true.

Now for a closing photo.  I know it is DOG DAYS when the weather turns so hot and humid .... but this fat cat is just sleeping the hours away too!

Stay cool.  Enjoy the week end!




  1. I love, love, love the bookcases and window seat. Are they in the same room as the fireplace? I would never leave that room! I am sure Sandy will be sleeping on that window seat with a warm ray of winter sun to keep him cozy this winter.

  2. Beautiful - our computer died two weeks ago and am just now getting caught up. Lovely room - lovely home.