Thursday, August 14, 2014

August trip to Shipshewana

Gail and Dave Hodges have our favorite B&B up for sale, so we planned a trip to visit The Big House in the Little Woods near Shipshewana, Indiana, to say farewell.  Quiet, peaceful, tranquil, wholesome.

Members of the sewing group gathered treasured friends, daughters, sisters and made a one-day trip to enjoy a day of shopping and an evening of quiet delight, ending with a nourishing and filling breakfast before heading home.  We were able to leave early Friday morning, arriving near the noon hour for a hot pretzel from Jo-Jo's .... and some browsing through local shops, herb garden, and the cheese factory.  We squeezed in a leisurely evening walk through the country roads near the B&B before retiring for the night.

Fell asleep to the clip-clopping of hooves pulling Amish buggies.  Awoke to the song of a rooster nearby.

Simple Amish school .... small pony for the children to enjoy, fresh countryside, restful day!

We loaded the car with bags of oatmeal, containers of spices and dried fruit, fresh cheese and baked goods .... some surprise Christmas gifts from a special shop, a new cookbook, and lasting memories.



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