Friday, October 11, 2013

Quilts, Apples and Autumn Colors

Quilts, Apples and Autumn Colors

With night temperatures dipping down to the 40's and 50's, it's time for quilts and warm blankets to pull up around our shoulders, to snuggle down into, and to trap the warmth until morning.  A few pictures of a quilt that usually lies folded on top of my mother's cedar chest and I hand quilted a couple of years ago....a pink pillow for the guest bedroom bed that I did in a modified flower basket pattern and hand quilted .... and two more pillows I made for the quest bedroom (fondly named "The Girls' Room" by one of my granddaughters.)

This is one of the little pillows; it was made using an antique lace handkerchief.  Look at that precious delicate detail.  Don't you just love that? I couldn't resist using it to fashion a pretty pillow!

Here is the quilt that usually sits on the walnut cedar chest.  This one was a good way to use leftover pieces of fabrics and lots of pretty autumn colors.  

Here is the quilted pillow I made using a basket pattern.  I wanted the basket part to pop out, so I did LOTS of hand quilting all around it and only quilted little parts of the basket part.

These two photos above are a pillow made from another piece of antique linen, found in one of our hunts through a flea market.  I wanted to show you the really lovely handwork on the corner of it.

This is another one of my shots of pretty things I like - these perch on the top of a chest.  Look at those tiny little rose buds painted on the side - precious!  Again, it reminds me of "Little Grandma" because I think she would have loved it.  One of my sisters reminded me that "Little Grandma" also wore a hat and long gloves with her heels, dress, and jewelry that day she was taken to the Indianapolis 500 Race!  Can't you just imagine that fragile little lady daintily walking through the noisy crowds and stifling heat??  Bless her heart (one of Grandma Holton's favorite sayings)!!!!  I'm quite sure my sisters and I all use that phrase often too.

A bouquet with lots of autumn reds and golds, muted browns, oranges.
As I hold all these beautiful things in my heart, observe the leaves slowly becoming gold and red, enjoy my home, the 'kids', the garden ...I am grateful for these gifts.  It occurred to me that it is so very important I guard my heart and not love the gifts more than the Giver of the gifts.  Do I love the flowers, the gift of my family, my health, love of friends, fresh garden produce .... do I love these more than God, who gives all good things?  Hmmmmm..... Lord, guard and cleanse my heart!  Let me grow to know You better every day, Lord, to love You more deeply, and to never put others things first!
These were the only three apples left in my home - so a trip was made to "Knitting Daughter's" yard where there is a lovely apple tree bending over with ripe apples.  Some limbs were bent almost to the ground, and apples were plunking to the earth around us!  Plop - plop .... a whole bag was picked and is ready for me to peel and chop into applesauce with cinnamon.  Oh, will the aromas be delectable tomorrow! 
Enjoy this autumn weather and have a blessed weekend!

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