Sunday, October 6, 2013

Introductory Blog

God blessed us with four wonderful children - each gifted and talented in their own individual way.  A knitting designer, spinner, weaver; a talented artist, beekeeper, caretaker of animals including chickens; a creative photographer, cook and patient teacher to me on the camera; and a chef with wonderful recipes and tips for all of us on tricks of the trade - blessings all four of them.  I've wanted to start a blog for some time, and with their encouragement and great coaching, I'm going to share some thoughts and photos, ideas and creations, and hopefully get to know you too!

In explanation of the five photos above:
Duncan is the big white fluffy Angora rabbit who shares his fur with my daughter who spins the fluff into yarn for knitting into warm creations.  I give him a daily brushing, carefully keeping his fur in a bag for delivery to 'the spinner' of the family! 

Sandy is the sweet, soft cat who came to me a hungry stray eight years ago.  Thin, matted, full of burrs, starving, he has now become my companion and buddy!  He arrived at a desolate and grief-filled time in my life, just when he was needed most!

The lace and necklace are a few of my favorite things - I was practicing with my new camera.  One of my daughters is very patiently teaching me how to take photos - as you can see, I am a complete novice.

Finally, after a long dry spell, with grass withering to brown straw, and gardens gasping for water, it rained.  The occasion warranted an attempt of a photo of the raindrops on the screen, showing the slick wet deck and rain soaked yard.  Wonderful to hear the soft music of rain on the roof and window panes!

Lastly a still life of favorite sewing objects and reminders of other times.  Mom's darning tool...she would slowly mend Dad's socks in the evenings when I was a very little girl.  I'm not sure anyone even does that anymore!  Wooden spools of thread and silver thimbles. 

Hopefully this blog will show some of the sewing and quilting that is done here .... bounty from the garden, little bits and pieces of life as the days evolve.  My hope is we will all learn to slow down a bit, savor the moments more often, find peace and love and joy in the daily tasks, worthy work for our hands, thoughts for our minds, food for our souls.


  1. And we were blessed with two loving parents who taught us by example to do what is right, to be self-sufficient, to care for our homes and families and to nurture our creative souls.

    I am excited about this new creative, uplifting blog!

  2. I can just hear "Little" Grandma say, "Yumpin' Yimminy, Janet Lee!"

  3. Duncan looks like a storybook character!