Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grandpa Holton's creative talents

Grandma was picky (which I highly recommend everyone be when considering a life-long mate) and chose a wonderful man to be her husband!!!!  Talented, a fellow animal lover, hunter, hard worker, carpenter.  Both Grandma and Grandpa had a scanty formal education, as they were descendants of mainly Scottish immigrants.  Born in the 1800's they were mainly self taught after primary school.  Grandpa worked hard for the New York Central Railroad and did excellent carpentry work 'on the side' constructing cottages in the wooded areas of Upstate New York.   He also fashioned for me, his oldest grandchild, the most entrancing toy furniture.

Indulged child, I would say.  This is a photo I took of a photograph from the 1940's.  It was labeled Christmas and then the year it was taken.  See that darling little doll dresser with the tilting mirror - it was painted white and had little glass knobs on the drawers that actually pulled out for safe keeping of my doll clothes!  There is also a tiny china cabinet back there next to the dresser.  Those were handmade by Grandpa Holton.  If I remember correctly, the rocking horse was constructed either by Grandpa or my father, not sure who.  The shelves behind the horse were also made by Grandpa, I think.  They were painted the sweetest color of very light Robin's Egg blue.  Those shelves were where the toys were always placed when we finished playing.  No wonder my sisters and I spent so many happy hours playing 'house' with our furniture and baby dolls.  Grandpa also made a sturdy wooden table and little chairs to fit under the table - child size - so we could sit and have tea parties there.  The table and chairs were painted pastel colors.  I vaguely have a memory of when Grandpa and Grandma brought them to our home and proudly placed them in my bedroom (where this photo was taken so many years ago).  As I look at this photo again, I see that my chunky unshapely legs and thighs haven't changed much in 70-plus years!!!!  Goodness. I would say that I was one very fortunate little girl, wouldn't you?  Love abounded - pride in their workmanship, generous hearts.

This is the oh-so-soft, very fuzzy, much loved cat, Sandy, who resides (or should I say presides) in this house!  Sometimes I think if I blew him up about gazillion times, he would look EXACTLY like the King of the Jungle lions languishing at the zoo!!!!  This is one of those dreary, gray, chilly October mornings.  Of course, he has been curled up on this fleece blanket sleeping quietly the whole morning.  I have to force myself to get outdoors and continue doing some garden clean-up.  Will do that shortly, but there is so much left to do. 

One of my beloved sisters is coming on Friday .... I am ticking down the minutes.  Can hardly wait to see her again.  We plan to pick her up at the airport and whisk her out here to the country for a nice visit.  The above-mentioned unfinished yard work will be one of our projects together!!!  Hope we don't wear ourselves into a ragged heap!!!!
 The day I stopped at Knitting Daughter's home to pick apples, this was spread out on her kitchen table.  Appears she is again in the midst of writing a new knitting pattern and trying it out as she goes, amending the stitches needed for certain sizes, etc.  Her print-out is carefully being scrutinized, as the yarn is splayed out across the pattern sample!
Sitting patiently nearby is one of my 'Granddogs' Olive - who is just barely beyond her puppy hood and very sweet.  She is the family pet, following the loss of their most loved dogs last year.  Everyone in that home is grateful for Olive right now.
Well, I am grabbing a grubby but warm 'garden' coat, bundling up a bit, and going out to tackle some trimming and seed saving chores.


  1. That adorable photo could be a toy store advertisement from the 40's!

  2. You were every bit as cute as Shirley Temple!