Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quilting, Sewing, and Sharing Life

Ah, Monday nights.  We met again last night to sew, mend, quilt, talk, share thoughts, laugh, sip a warm cup of tea with a dollop of honey and share some sad moments ... good friends are priceless.  We were blessed to have one of 'Constantly Joyous' sisters with us from out-of-state.  Because of the government's funding issues, she was on furlough and had a few days to visit.  Not being one to sew, she was content to sip tea and do a sudoku puzzle or two while we 'solved the world's problems' together and shared tears over a lost pet.  A dear pup had to be 'put down' due to an incurable and fatal illness.  We are saddened.

Serious mending going on here!  Lovely Miss Witty is always on top of all the styles - as you can see from the beautiful fabric on the clothing she is mending.  What a girl!

Constantly Joyous carefully stitching the edges on a bazaar project!  Admire those autumn colors.  If you are in the Fishers, Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville area of Indiana, think about stopping at our bazaar The First Saturday in November.  Look for the signs on Allisonville Road across from Connor Prairie Farm!

One of our group (Wonderfully Kind) was missing from the group last night - thus an empty chair!  She was home ill with sinus infections aggravated by allergies - or is it allergies aggravated by a sinus infection?  Anyway, one sick little lady!  The country air in Indiana in the fall - a bad mix for those who suffer from allergies.  We missed her grace and kindness last night.

What is it about the sunlight around 6:30 in the fall evenings?  A special golden glow as it slowly descends into the western horizon - it just kind of gilds the tips of the hydrangeas as it softly leaves the sky.  So pretty.  Such blessings!

Have a great day.  Find joy in the simple things.


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