Friday, October 25, 2013

More Memories of Grandma Holton

Today I thought I'd share some memories of our "Little Grandma" that float around in my heart.  When I was about eight or nine or possibly ten years old, Grandma came to visit us in our house on the island before we moved to the Midwest, and she slept with me in my double bed.  For some reason, I don't ever remember her sleeping with me other than that one time!!!!  Cannot even imagine where else she would have slept during other visits - unless she visited us when Dad was traveling for his job.  Then she would have slept with Mom, I suppose.

Anyway, it was quite a phenomenon for me to share a bed with Grandma.  Snuggled warm under the covers I was aware suddenly that Grandma was floating into my room IN HER NIGHTGOWN OF ALL THINGS!  It was white, long to her tiny feet, had puffy sleeves with lace on the edge and was gathered at her tiny wrists.  Not sure, but I think lace appeared on the neck and bodice too.  Most likely as I think about it now it was a lovely nightgown she had fashioned herself.  The light was dim, not wanting to wake 'sleeping me'- and I was peering curiously at this tiny lady through lids that were only open a tiny slit, keeping it secret I was wide awake!!!  She began taking down her hair, for goodness sake.  It was only through sheer willpower that I didn't gasp out loud as she unbound that long braid that appeared as she loosened her bun!  Then, low and behold, her hair began to cascade from the braid, wavy and flowing all the way down her back!  It was shiny brown.  What happened to my Grandma???  She miraculously became a petite beautiful little woman!!! 

She quietly slipped into bed beside me, and the soft breathing rhythms of sleep began.  I lay there transfixed in wonder.  Grandma Holton was a pretty woman, not just sweet "Little Grandma."  Wonder of all wonders.  I will never forget that!

She and Grandpa always had a dog, and the pooch when I was little was a reddish spaniel.  His name was Dusky because his coat reminded them of the sky at dusk.  He held a prominent position in their home.  I loved him too.  Mom used to tell me that they always had dogs, and most often they were hunting dogs, because Grandpa was quite the hunter in his time! (More about that in another post.)  Usually the dogs were a male and female pair of Setters.  If I recall correctly the favorite breed was English Setter, but I think at one time they may have owned Irish Setters also.

This is a scanned from a very old photo, so it is not too clear.  But here is Grandma (in the woods with her dress, pretty feminine looking shoes and hat!!!) and Grandpa with Dusky.  I will share more another time about how Grandpa built some cabins in the woods by himself.  I think he would sell one and then make another for their home.  Anyway, Grandma and Grandpa were total animal lovers, so it is only right that my sisters, my children, and I are devoted to our pets!!!! 

Duncan, the English Angora being rocked like a baby.  Does he look a little embarrassed at being held like an infant????  Got to get my out-of-town grandchildren here to cuddle him!  Grandson number three, an extremely creative young man, gave me a long list of suggested English names - and Duncan seemed to fit the little fella!!!  Love that fluffy, funny, fantastic Mr. Duncan.

Today it is COLD out there - actually below freezing - but sunny and bright. 

So thankful for the bright sunlight!  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow - love the sun!!!!!
Enjoy your day!

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  1. I can't help but smile at the image of little you, pretending sleep, getting a peek at the private Little Grandma! Very sweet.