Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Log Cabin Quilt in Progress

When we met for our weekly supper/sewing/crafting night, Miss Wonderfully Kind brought her newest quilt that she is putting together.  She had started piecing this Log Cabin Quilt and before finishing it to the size needed for her bed, she realized she did not have enough of a few of the fabrics to complete the quilt!  Panic ensued when she looked at the local fabric shops and even on line and could not locate the fabrics required! That necessitated a day long trip to various favorite quilt shops in the state of Indiana.  Yes, she traveled a portion of the state to three shops she particularly admired for their variety, quantity and quality of fabrics. Good selections and possibly a source of hard-to-find fabric matches!  God was smiling on her, and she managed to locate a match for one of the fabrics and very good blending fabrics for the rest.  She pieced the 'logs' together and brought the quilt in progress to our latest weekly gathering.  Still has more log cabin pieces to piece together ... and then some strips along the side, putting it together with the backing, quilting it and then sewing on the binding.

We all think this is going to be a stunner.  Finally she is making something for her own bedroom.  (She is famous for making wedding quilts, baby quilts, you name it for everyone else.)

What do you think?  I experimented slightly with the lighting on the camera for these photos.  The first one does not use the flash .... but the other two do have a flash.  I hoped to show you the piecing on this the best way possible.  The little yellow squares on the top left are sticky notes she has placed there to instruct and remind herself of the placement of pieces.

Miss Constantly Joyous is piecing together a quilt for the law firm where she works.  It is to commemorate an important milestone for the firm and is using beautiful quilt blocks and creative photography.  Hopefully I can share some of the photos of that after next week's gathering.

Stay tuned!


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