Wednesday, February 18, 2015

100th Anniversary Quilt

I promised that there would be photos of the quilt commemorating the 100th anniversary of the law firm where Constantly Joyous works. We certainly don't want to break a promise.

This quilt is being carefully constructed using the Jacob's Ladder block signifying the underground railroad that flourished in this county, the Courthouse Steps block because this is the law firm's anniversary, and the Scottish Cross to honor one of the founders who was of Scottish decent.

We placed the blocks on the dining room table to give an idea of how the quilt will look when the blocks are all sewn together to form the quilt top.

First is the Jacob's Ladder quilt block.

Next is the Scottish Cross ....

And last, here is the Courthouse Steps.

The little triangles sitting on the bottom in this photo below will be used as the border around the quilt when it has been put together.

The thin brown strips will be between each block as laid out on the table below.  We tried to give an idea of how this will look as the blocks and strips are sewn together.  There will also be picture blocks showing old photos of the courthouse and various pictures of significance to the firm all made into quilt blocks.  At the very center of the quilt will be the law firm logo.

I'll close with a photo or two of the old record cabinet that I refinished to put in the front entrance.  I put a walnut stain on it after it was stripped of old finish, painted small leaves and blue flowers on the panels in the front doors, and then put three coats of protective clear finish to make it smooth (sanding between each coat).  It was a good project to do during  these cold winter weeks in February.

For those of you living where Old Man Winter is making himself felt, stay warm and safe!  Blessings to all of you wherever you live!


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