Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday afternoon walk on a cold winter day

The temperatures rose to a reading in the 20's.  It had been too long in the frigid weather to be kept inside and time arrived for a long walk on a lazy Sunday afternoon.   A hearty one-half mile walk from my front doorstep (much shorter if we could cut through a neighboring acreage) is a long trail that was converted from a former railroad line for the Monon Railroad.  This trail connects several counties and is growing each year, as the popularity increases.  Going one direction we can walk to the next town to the south and then on through to the suburbs and city beyond; going to the north, we can walk several miles on the paved path through horse farms and wooded acres with creeks and ponds.

It is invigorating and inspiring to walk this trail and take in the sights of beautiful trees and plants, creeks and small ponds in all the seasons, listen to the birdsong, breath in fresh air.

Today, Beekeeping Daughter and I took off for the north where the area is less populated and the sites are more rustic.  I grabbed my camera, as we donned our heavy boots, scarves and woolen hats and mittens, and pulled on down-filled jackets.

Sharing some of the sites along our walk today ...........

Almost time for Downton Abbey!  Gotta scoot!



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  1. Beautiful - wish I could join you for a walk in the snow!