Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good-bye January

I have to pinch myself to actually believe this is the last day of January!  Usually it is such a long, cold, rather dark and dreary month, but for some reason (of which I am extremely grateful), this year has not been so frigid.  Oh, of course we have had very cold temperatures and one big snow storm, but all in all, it's been quite uneventful so far.  Yes, we have a big storm coming tonight with predicted high amounts of snow, but after all it is February first tomorrow.  This is winter; we should expect snow at this time of year. If we can get through February and into March, I always figure if it snows in March that it won't last too long before it melts and spring will be here.  Right?

It's been a while since I took any photos and it seemed a good morning to try out and practice different things with the camera.  I strolled around the house and decided to see what kind of pictures could be created.

I started out with the items on the dresser in my bedroom.  The morning light was bright, the day was shining and joyful looking.  The mirror reflected light onto the items.  They were pretty; the sight made me happy. I shot some pictures, trying out different camera settings.

Then I meandered through the rooms searching for subjects for another picture where I could practice another setting or two or three on the camera.

Ah Ha!  The apples and tangerines in the basket on the kitchen table.  Yes, let's try that.

OK ... what next?  The bouquet of fresh roses, a gift from my beloved brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  They came to town to visit my dear niece and stopped by to tour my new home, bringing with them this colorful bouquet.  Aren't they lovely?  Especially so in the middle of winter.  My brother-in-law has been a dear friend since the day my family moved here to Central Indiana and we were next-door neighbors.  I married one of his older brothers, and he has been a precious part of my life for all these many years.  We've shared deep sorrows, many joys, trials, happy memories and great loss .... he's been  a strong and steadfast part of my life through it all.  The flowers are special.

The sun was streaming in this southern facing room, making it feel warm and summery.  How can I resist taking more pictures of china in the cabinets?

 The china comes from so many places and situations - flea markets, heirloom pieces handed down, gifts, and finds from antique jaunts.  Lots of memories attached!

Last, but certainly not least - no certainly not least - is the sewing/laundry room.  Admittedly, it is not the neatest area in the house.  Too many tools and jars of buttons, thimbles and spools of thread and pieces of lace, clothes to be folded or mended ... but it is maybe one of my very favorite spots to spend time.  Going to try another few settings on the camera and practice.

                                             (My latest little playing with the water colors!)

Thanks for sticking with me while I practice on the camera this last day of January 2015.  I have so very much to learn on this photography 'thing' ........... so very very much - but that is part of the fun.  Learning something new and trying to improve on it every day.  Must never stop learning, trying, exploring, experimenting, following our dreams and the ideas God plants in our hearts.  Life is good.




  1. Oh - love the variety of subject matter - colors, viewpoints, scenes. You are really creative with your photography, sewing, home decorating, and painting. I agree that a successful day is one in which I learned something new - or at least tried! I look forward to your blog.

  2. Beautiful! Your children were blessed with two incredibly artistic parents. I am interested in the third picture of china. It looks very similar to china I have from Jeff's mother that was pre-WWII Noritake china.