Thursday, January 8, 2015

Below zero temps - cozy inside!

Well, the January blast from Canada has worked its way down to Central Indiana, and we are enduring the minus zero temps and several inches of fresh snow.  I don't even want to think about those 'wind chill' temperatures the weather people like to throw into the reports.  This morning they were telling us something like "Minus 23 degrees wind chill."  The schools were cancelled and in the big city the garbage collectors were not on their routes.  Thankfully, in this town the garbage trucks came trundling down the road right on time.  All we had to do was be sure we dragged the bins down the driveway.  Nice.

Beekeeper daughter brought a big jar of honey from the summer harvest of her hives, a special request from one of the Monday night crafter/quilters.  She also brought over six fresh brown eggs from her hens.  Beekeeper daughter has remarkable hens - they have lived far longer than 'the average' chicken lives, most likely due to the exemplary care she gives them and the organic chicken feed she takes great pains to feed them.  She is remarkable.  I wish I had the touch she has for caring for critters and gardens.  Her thumb is the greenest one; plants just thrive under her care.  I know Duncan loved being at her house this summer and hopping around her yard with the chickens!!!!  He was in "bunny camp heaven" with her.  Even now when she stops over, he basks (I am not sure, but I think he was even smiling) when she pets and talks to him.

 What is better on a cold day than a cup of Peppermint tea with a piece of spearmint candy melting in the bottom of the cup to sweeten it up.
Two of those fresh organic eggs from Beekeeper daughter's hens.  I decided to make some fresh Country Bread from the recipe my dainty little sister shared with me several years ago.  It called for two eggs ....Yum.

 Sandy cannot keep his eyes open curled up in the spot of sun!

 Some of that DELICIOUS honey from Beekeeper Daughter's hive ..... nothing like it!  Pure gold on your tongue!
 Apples from KY .... getting ready to bake that apple crisp!

 Scenes out the kitchen window Tuesday morning when the cold front moved in with snow and frigid temps.  Beautiful, but oh so cold!

Stay warm, cuddle up with a warm blanket and a good book and eat some comfort food - enjoy the time to 'nest'.....


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  1. Ooh so cozy - wish I were there to share a cup of tea, taste your apple crisp, and cuddle with Sandy!