Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Secret Life and Adventures of Walter Kitty And ..... His "Blankie"

Many children have their favorite "must have" little blanket, often fondly referred to as their "blankie."  At least two of my own 'grands' had a favorite blankie that they cuddled and dragged around and held close to their cheeks when feeling the need of security and assurance.  Both of these blankets began their life as lovely, carefully hand knit blankets, white and edged in either pink or blue.  Made by a dear aunt.  

Each of these blankets was so loved and so held and ultimately so WASHED over and over a multitude of times, that in at least one instance, the blanket disintegrated into basically a ball of yarn!!!!!  OH MY! 

At any rate, the baby in my life at the present moment is Walter Kitty, fondly referred to as Wally or when I am cuddling him next to my neck and cheek, he is called in cooing tones "My Sweet Baby."  He is young enough at this point, that he is not offended being called "Sweet Baby" but I think very soon he will be and I shall have to call him "Most Distinguished and Handsome Wally (or perhaps Most Distinguished and Handsome WALTER)."

When Wally was rescued and came to reside with me, I put a little basket in the bedroom and laid the softest pieces of fabric I could locate and retrieve from my stash of cottons.  It's a mint green and so soft and fuzzy, originally purchased as a fabric for a possible baby gift creation.  Obviously, that never happened and the soft material was among my many other quilting fabrics waiting to be made into something!!!! 

Well, Wally evidently has bonded to his blankie.  On numerous occasions the blankie has been spied in a soft heap in the oddest places throughout the house.  It's sometimes in the center of the kitchen floor .... or on top of the bed when I awake in the morning .... or in a stuffed chair in the library room .... and most recently I returned from grocery shopping and this is what I saw.

I stared at the tree and wondered, "What in the world happened to the pretty antique lace cloth that was spread beneath the tree?  What happened to it?  Did Wally rearrange it because he likes to sleep there?"  

Upon close inspection, I realized he had dragged his green blankie out from the recesses of the back bedroom and into the living room and then up and under the tree.  His favorite napping spot during Christmas became a little nest spot under the tree.

I doubt if Martha Stewart would approve of this new addition to the decor, but his blankie can stay there as long as Wally wants it to as he naps and dozes.  

As you can see, I really appreciate and love this little cat.  I am grateful to have found him at the rescue service and thankful he is one who likes to cuddle, sleep on my lap as I read, and provide me with smiles and laughs throughout the day.  A good companion for me!!!!

Wally and I wish you blessings and joy during this new year!!!!



  1. He IS the sweetest thing - and you are both so lucky to have found each other!