Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Memories and Traditions

Remembering an old tradition .....

When the children were young, we lived in a neighborhood that encouraged all homes to put out candles in small brown paper bags on Christmas Eve. The dads of each young family would faithfully fill the bags with a couple inches of sand, add a candle, light it and place the bags at intervals along the curb. We would line the streets, lighting a continuous way through the neighborhood with glowing candles.  The streets flickered with softly burning candles from sunset until sometime during the darkness before sunrise.  This was to light the way for Christ to come to each of our homes.  It was beautiful.  A very special tradition that continued for several years.

I was remembering and thinking about those past Christmas traditions.  I decided to try something similar.  This year I put small votive candles in glass jars, adding a few inches of kitty litter to the bottom of each jar.  The driveway was lined with them leading from the sidewalk to the front door.  It was my first attempt, and I learned some things I will change for next year. I will buy thicker candles of several inches in height, as the ones I used did not stay burning more than about three hours.  I will begin stashing empty cleaned peanut butter and small glass jam, pickle and jelly jars so there are more than twelve to use next year.  

Wally and I hope you have precious Christmas memories and are looking forward to a Happy and Joyous New Year.



  1. Maybe get the battery operated candles! Those last for days!