Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hanging Plates on the Wall

Ever since moving into Holton House slightly over a year ago, one of the items on the 'to do' list was to hang plates on the dining room walls.  Unfortunately, my fear of pounding nails into the new walls kept me in a frozen prison of my own making.  I kept putting it off, putting it off, and putting it off some more!!!

I scoured antique shops, my own stash of plates, and Goodwill stores for suitable blue plates of all kinds and shapes.  Carefully washing and keeping my finds in the pantry, I gently covered them in soft napkins or linens so they wouldn't become scratched or nick each other as I stacked them on the shelves. They were on my mind often.  The pictures in my mind of shiny blue plates brightening up the room were enchanting me.

After dreaming through Pinterest ideas and photos, reading everything I could find on hanging plates, and because it is cold, icy and gray outside, I decided now is the time to tackle this little decorating item.

I drew a deep breath, said a prayer for inspiration and courage and began.

First of all, a photo of the bare walls.  I am sure you agree, something is needed there, right?

Okay, after much planning and probably over-thinking the project, I began.  Thought it might be fun to share this whole process with you.

First I began by purchasing stickable backing with little metal "D" rings at the top.  Following the directions, I wet the back of these little sticky things, waited the prescribed three to seven minutes for the glue to soften, and placed them on the back of the plates, ensuring the tab ring was at the point on the back that would make the plate hang with the top of the plate at the top once it was placed on the wall.

They had to dry overnight to guarantee they would hold.  

My next step was to take spare paper (from print outs or the back of papers no longer pertinent) and trace around the shape of each plate onto the paper.  Then I cut each one out carefully, reminding me of the childhood days of playing paper dolls.  A number was written on each paper and the same number of the corresponding cut-out onto the back of the plate.  Also I wanted to be sure to make a pencil mark along the metal tab, so I would know EXACTLY where to pound in the nail!

Then, I got out my frog tape (that green tape for use when blocking areas to prevent paint from getting on it).  I knew it would not take the finish off the wall.  I then used it to tape each cut out piece of paper on the wall where I wanted that corresponding plate to be hung, putting seven plates on each side of the dining room breakfront.

Then I left it up a day or so just to keep staring at it.  I wanted to be sure (or at least reasonably sure) the plates would look okay there.  I moved the pieces a little up or down or over.  Made sure the ring mark was at the top of the plate. Thought about it.  Ruminated.  Imagined.

Next step.  Take a deep breath, get the little nails out, begin pounding nails into each paper where the ring is marked!!!!

I was sweating bullets at this point - nervous, very nervous.  Then I carefully tore the paper off the nail, removing the green frog tape one at a time.  Before the paper was torn off, I picked up the plate with the corresponding number on the sheet of paper.  That plate was carefully hooked over the nail on that spot.

Here is the result.

Please let me know what you think about this.

Here is a view from the kitchen into the dining room. (below)

Wally says 'hi'!  too.




  1. So lovely! Love these little pieces of "art". I like how you shared the whole process with us. "Hi" back to Wally!