Sunday, June 8, 2014

Inside of house with walls and floors!

Yesterday (Saturday) at noon when I stopped by the house, the framers were there working industrially and carefully and had been there for some time.  I took some photos but waited to blog with those until the work was finished for the day.  So.... this morning on my return from church services, I stopped to take more photos of what was completed on Saturday.  I carefully removed my pretty church shoes and slipped on my little pink rain boots .... and bravely walked up through mud and lumber pieces to the house (which now has exterior walls and floors).  Here is what greeted me.

 Immediately entered the 'garage' because it was easiest to reach without a huge step up.  Walked to the corner where the house and 'garage' meet .... and peeked in at the house with all the outer walls and floors in place.  We experienced a very good rain during the night - heavy drops, steady for a long period ... and then more toward morning and into the drive to church.  So the floors were sodden, and leaves and tiny tiny pieces of limbs littered the floor.  I searched for a way to enter the house without injury!
 First a stroll over to the 'door' entering the house from the 'garage' area.  This is where I would enter after parking the car in the garage and walking into the house  - into the hallway.  To the left of the hall immediately is the utility room/sewing room and then next on the left is the walk-in pantry.  At the end of this hall is a closet (where I think the ironing board, brooms, etc., will go).  And to the right of this entry along the hall is a longer closet for coats, etc.
 Entrance was made by piling up some pieces of lumber on the garage floor and walking 'through'  the wall.  I then slipped through that coat closet in the hallway I just mentioned into the dining room.  I wanted to show you the kitchen, which is located right behind the dining room, so I walked through the dining room door to the kitchen; this is what I see.  A nice big kitchen with eating area.  That is the large kitchen window looking out to the back toward the barn where a horse calls its home behind that black wooden fence.
 Then strolled to the family room and snapped the view out that spacious window.  Quiet, serene, lovely.  What blessings God has showered on me!
 More from that same family room window but looking to the right instead of straight back.  The pasture, large evergreens.  A smallish backyard - but just about perfect for pathways, beehives, birdbath, flowers and more flowers and more bushes and landscaping and a small vegetable garden - no grass.
 A shot out the kitchen window as I got right up to it and almost leaned out!!!!!  The woods go to the left and around the side of the house to the front.  The screened porch is to the left of this kitchen (west).
Because there is another window in the kitchen looking west out at the screened porch, I wanted to share with you that view as well.  This is my neighbor's home to the west behind those trees.  That window on their home is the utility room.  Barbara (who already invited me in for tea and a tour of her home - a darling little lady) .... likes to do her ironing at this window and look out at the view of the trees and horses.  Aren't we the special ones to have such blessings as we gaze out our windows?
                                                                               * * * * *

Grandma and Grandpa Holton LOVED dogs.  They always had at least one dog in their home.  Mom always would mention that Grandpa often owned a pair of dogs - male and female - usually setters for hunting.  I believe at one point they may have owned a collie or two as well .... and the dog I remember of course was Dusky, their beloved spaniel.  Anyway, between the genes handed down by Grandpa and Grandma Holton and Bill who always brought strays dogs home to our house .... the kids inherited a double portion of the "I LOVE ANIMALS" genes. We always had at least one dog or more while they were growing up. Knitting Daughter has a sweet lab mix named Olive, who is very loving and sweet but not the smartest pup around.  She is deathly afraid of several common things (such as people wearing a hat, the vacuum, strange noises, etc.).  One of her fears is the camera.  Even though she seems to be my best pal, when I put the camera in front of my face - she scurries away or hides her head.  I tried 'retraining' her fear of this by giving her treats when I am using the camera, but not sure it has 'taken' yet.  Anyway, to Grandma Holton's memory, here are photos of Olive in 'her' red velvet chair!!!!

I will close with a photo of the flowers on Knitting Daughter's kitchen island.  Vibrant - bright - beautiful!  I couldn't resist taking these while awaiting the dryer to finish with one of the laundry loads being completed last Thursday (my weekly laundry day at her home).

Tomorrow I will share photos of the Hoosier Hills Fiber Fest in Franklin, Indiana - our trip last Friday afternoon!

Blessings - enjoy this Sabbath day!


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