Thursday, June 5, 2014

A garage is forming!!!!!!

A garage is beginning to rise up from the concrete base!!!!   Storms with lots of rain has slowed it down a bit, but here is the latest 'growth' on the house.

Supports for the flooring ..... opening for the stairs to the basement ..... garage walls up!  One of the requirements for building here stipulates a three-car garage.  More than I would need, but the added space will be utilized I am sure .... also good for resale some day.  And, of course, Duncan will have his abode out in the garage too.  No more necessary storage area needed for zero-turn John Deere (fondly named Jody Dear) because she was sold when I moved.  No need for a big 54" mower when I can get a good automatic start "walk behind" gas mower for this yard.  It is .49 acres total (about 1/3 of it in trees and wooded area, a large portion in house and garage) leaving a nice front yard and smaller back area. I hope to landscape the back almost entirely in flowers, pathways, and a vegetable garden.  Also a place for the bees.   That will leave a small front and one side to mow.  Hopefully when I stop by there later today, more progress will be seen.
                                                                      * * * * * *

My internal clock seems to be set on a 'to bed between 10 and 11 p.m. and up at 6:00 a.m.' timer.  I was wide eyed at 6:00 (also Sandy has learned to step up on the bed and over to the table where the clock radio is situated and turn ON the RADIO).  Several days in a row he did this 'trick' at 4:15 then watched me jump up and turn it off - and then he expected the day to start.  I am NOT ready to get up at 4:15 - and I think I have him 'trained' (can you train a cat?) to stay quiet and not turn the radio on until I get up at 6:00.  Hoping this will continue.  Anyway, I was up at 6:00, fixed a yummy omelet with eggs from Beekeeping Daughter's hens with 'farmer's market' fresh asparagus, whole grain toast and tea .... ready to jot down a short grocery list.  Thursday old people like me get a 5% discount at a particular grocery which I enjoy so I wanted to supplement some of the grocery needs for the week that I cannot purchase at the farmer's market.  Off to the store at 8:00 a.m., with very little traffic on the road and few shoppers.  I had time to burn before going to Knitting Daughter's for the weekly laundry .... so I walked the Monon Trail for two plus miles.

 At one point in the portion of trail I was taking, pretty homes can be glimpsed through the trees.  A colorful farm home with beautiful landscaping.  The photo doesn't do it justice.
 Another portion is built over a very busy street.  There is a bridge, glassed in for safety; I thought it would be fun to take a shot down at the cars whizzing by beneath me.

These lovely blooms are planted at the parking area where people unload cars with stroller, bikes, etc., to get on the Monon for their hikes.  Toddlers and infants in strollers with in-shape moms pushing or running behind .... tykes on their bicycles .... men and women jogging with their ears plugged into who-knows-what as they pump down the trail.  A few walkers like me.  Glorious day - low 70's, bright skies, low humidity.  What a gift!  God is good!



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