Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A beautiful roof line beginning to appear!

OH my!!!!  Monday was a busy day at the new house with the framers beginning to erect a beautiful roof on the new house.  Incidentally, the house will be given a proper name, much as they do today on the East Coast ... and often was the practice in colonial days.  The house will be called appropriately "Holton House" in honor of Grandma and Grandpa.  I like to imagine Grandpa being excited about the construction and Grandma nodding in quiet approval when I make the curtains and add touches to the house upon moving in there.  The little pillows, quilts, handmade items.

This is what I saw last night at the close of the day - nearing sunset when I made a quick trip by Holton House:

I really like the roof line and the way the house sits on the lot.  The dining room window has not been cut yet, but there will be three windows across the front plus the two small garage windows at the front; and there will be another small window in the front roof, adding interest and aesthetics.  Holton House faces south and slightly to the east ... so the sun is setting to the left and behind the tree line, casting lovely shadows on the back of the house and the porch.  OH .... and the porch is being roughed in with lumber now too .... just take a peak:

Wallah!  You can see the beginnings of the screened porch.  The garage is in the right of the photo ... kitchen window to the left of the garage looks out onto the porch.  It is nestled cozily in the trees .... perfect for a porch in summer!  Reading or eating on a screened porch is one of my favorite places to be.  A great spot for the quilting/crafting group to meet weather permitting .... and it would be lovely to have the Christ Care group congregate some week there too.  Oh - the anticipation!

Unfortunately it poured rain last night and into this morning, so no visible work has been done as of 1:00 p.m. Tuesday.  Rain is predicted for tomorrow and Thursday as well, I believe, so it may not be until Friday for any additional framing to be completed.

                                                                            * * * * *

Now to show you some photos and share some fun we experienced at Hoosier Hills Fiber Fest in Franklin, Indiana, last Friday afternoon.  Knitting Daughter likes to keep abreast of all the latest in the weaving/spinning/knitting world.  She spins various types of  wool and blends and then spins them into yarn.  She knits this into extraordinary sweaters, scarves, shawls and hats - well all kinds of creative knitted garments.  Unfortunately, she usually falls half way in love with a lamb, a rabbit, or some furry critter at these events.

 Yes, this sweet sheep kept baaing in a soft little voice and seemed to totally bond with Knitting Daughter.  Yes, I had to almost pull her away from it.  I knew in her head she was visioning it in her backyard nibbling on the tall grass.

 These lambs, sheep and the llama's below all 'belonged' to a family that took in animals of all kinds that had been abandoned or that people could no longer care for and love.  I think the woman said they had over two hundred animals.  They housed and fed them .... and let people see them at functions like this one.

This mop of a critter is actually an English Angora Rabbit.  Duncan puts this little fella to shame.  He was a sweet little mop, and I enjoyed petting and cooing over him.  His one ear was 'lame' and flopped totally onto the side of his face.  Poor little thing! One English Angora is enough for me, however, and I bravely walked away.

This magnificent animal is a Great Pyrenees Wolf combination.  At least, that is what we were told.  Gorgeous animal.  He was 'in training' and we were instructed not to pet him.  I neglected to inquire what he was in training to do!!!!  At any rate, he deserved to have his picture taken more than once!!!!

 I will close with a photo of Duncan, so you can see how an English Angora is supposed to look!  Such a 'cartoon' creature he is!!!!  While I am living in crowded quarter awaiting the completion of Holton House, Duncan is thriving at Bee Keeper Daughter's home, where she is treating him to a combination of Rabbit Spa or Rabbit Super Summer Camp!  He scampers around her fenced-in back yard with her two chickens and sometimes spends a lazy afternoon in his cage which has been moved under a beautiful shade tree - she is spoiling him big time!!!!  I will try to get photos as he romps around her yard or is 'conversing' with the hens!!!!!  Stay tuned!

Isn't he just such a fluffy, funny boy?



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