Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Special Creations

Grandma Holton married that talented man who carefully created toy furniture, tiny tables and chairs to play with and even cabins for Grandma and Grandpa to call home.  It is no wonder I married a pretty talented man myself!  See some of the things "My Mister" made over the years........

 This wooden toy chest is a gift my special husband made and is being given to our great-nephew for his very first birthday.  I know he would be happy to know it is going to this very special little boy to be enjoyed for years to come.
This big brown wooden horse is the last one of many he made over the years.
Our first two little daughters received the sweet yellow and red pony as a gift from their Daddy in the early 60's.  He has been rocked on and loved to the point where he had to receive new ears and some minor repairs to get back in tip-top shape again! 
 When we were newly married, we had no place to put our precious china, so "My Mister" got some wood and fashioned this corner china cabinet, still in use today - one of my favorite things
 In the last years of his life, "My Mister" decided to learn how to make cut glass creations.  Here is one of his little angels, now sitting as a Christmas decoration in the kitchen window!
 These gorgeous cut glass angels grace the front windows and make the house more beautiful with their being here.  He was quite the master craftsman, I think.
Another little trumpeting angel, now taken out of the boxes and put up for Christmas, sitting in one of the windows in the guest bedroom upstairs.

It is so good to have all these pieces he made for us over the years.  I am a blessed woman for sure.




  1. I am so thankful for the many things I have that were crafted by his hands. From stained glass to furniture and rocking horses, I believe there is something in every room in my house!

  2. I cherish the stained glass angel that I have. She graces the bookshelf in my sewing room.