Thursday, December 19, 2013

Priceless Ornaments!

In the 1940's when I was growing up, our tree decorations consisted of construction paper chains we glued together, popcorn strung on thread, a few glass ornaments and lots of tinsel hung everywhere.  Today we have such a variety of ornaments available, beautiful but not the same as a 'real Christmas tree' of years past.  The tree in this house is full of homemade items from the children over the years, some from friends, and 'store bought' ornaments received as gifts with memories attached.  Take a glance:
 A quilted ornament from one of my sewing friends who meets here weekly.  Look at those points - perfect.  Next to that is a gingerbread shrink art ornament from one of the children years and years ago.
 A photo of our first grandson who is now over 21 years old!!!!
 A dough ornament from another of the children, hanging proudly next to a mouse in a thimble ornament from a co-worker over 25 years ago.
 Then that precious grade school ornament photo glued on construction paper and decorated with glitter.  Oh, the memories!
 And a dough star all painted yellow - next to the tiny doll ornament from my mother so long ago.
 A two-colored hand knitted bell from our daughter when she was practicing her new knitting skills - what forty years ago??
Finally, a felt ornament gift from my new little grand nephew who just celebrated his first birthday.  Isn't that precious!  Look at his little hand print!  Love it.

All decorations for the tree that money cannot buy.  Priceless.

Watch for more tomorrow!



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