Monday, September 22, 2014

Cabinetry and exotic animals too!!!!!

The dear old computer is sick - and is now with the Geek Squad in the 'Computer Hospital' for the next five days or so.  Thus, there has been no blogging for quite some time.  At first I thought the camera was 'sick' and wouldn't download any photos.  So - did some changing of data cards and using new cords, etc., - but still no photos would download.  Then, the whole computer just froze - not a thing would move, clicking of the mouse, no movement, nothing would open.  Would not even close unless it was turned off at the button on the hard drive case.  Carted her off to the Geek Squad headquarters for diagnosis - needed to be hospitalized.
Today the blog is coming to you from Bee Keeper Daughter's computer.
Anyway, lots of things are happening at the house.  Below is a photo of the first cabinets put up - and they are beautiful.  However, they are 'golder' 'yellower' than I thought.  We kind of surmise that the incorrect finish was ordered.  This looks kind of weak next to the yellow kitchen wall color.  So......
we decided to change the wall color.  Loved the cabinets too much - but they did not look 'right' with the yellow wall.  I will show you the lovely new color of the wall on a future blog.  The most excellent painter Scott Morgan smiled a knowing grin and said he would make lemonade out of the lemon - he wisely suggested the new color - and just wait until you see the wall against the cabinets!

Below the 'blue' of the guest bedroom and guest bath ....... what do you think?

 Cabinet in the guest bath - before the granite was installed.

 Shot of the utility room cabinet and surface - my new sewing table area which is opposite the wall where the washer and dryer and big utility sink are located.

 My dear niece invited me to a delicious home-made lunch when her Dad was going to be in town.  Her dad and I have known each other for almost sixty years.  We met as teenagers when my family moved next door to his family - and I ended up marrying his brother!  So here is my niece's little boy in bare feet standing next to his beloved Grandpa.  Don't you love those fat little feet with dimples on his toes????
 Amidst the fun, the garbage truck arrived.  Wow!  All action stopped so the little fellow could dash outside and watch the garbage truck drudge down the street emptying all the heavy containers.  Much waving and smiling and saying "Bye-bye" as the truck exited the neighborhood.
 Is that the CUTEST little fellow?  Much laughter and jumping and smiles.  Such a good time we had together.
He was feeling pretty hot - quite the super boy!

Saturday we attended the local Farmer's Market - and it was Exotic Animal day - and a KANGAROO WAS THERE!!!
 And a tiny monkey sitting atop the booth lady's head!!!!
AWWWWW .... look at the tiny baby hedgehog.  What a dear little critter.
 And the usual dogs too .... here is a lovely, very shy, very soft and sweet dog.
 And an ENORMOUS puppers!
 As we were leaving I couldn't help show you the vibrant colors of fall pumpkins.


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