Monday, September 29, 2014

A pot of hot Spiced Tea ... Kitchen walls and new backsplash being tiled!

Unfortunately, a cold has gotten the better of me and won the battle - and I ended up with pneumonia!  Most fortunately, the doctor caught it very very early and nipped it.  The x-rays showed just the beginnings of that vile illness.  So, after two and and a half days in bed, I am out for a quick foray in the sunshine - down to the house to check progress.  And .... blog the latest progress.  Look at this new kitchen back splash!!!!

 This is so pretty - and will look spectacular with the new oven/range in place later.
 A quick shot to try to show a bigger view of the kitchen itself.  Note the darker color on the walls.  Don't you agree it is an improvement over the yellow that was put there originally?  We think the 'brown' makes the cabinets pop out and also highlights the distressed darker grooves.  What do you think?
 A view from another angle. The tiles still have to be grouted and finished ..... then the switch plates will go back on.


When I was valiantly trying to stave off that nasty cold that turned on me, Knitting Daughter made a huge two-quart pot of Spiced tea.  I covered with a quilt on her comfy couch, watched "Saving Mr. Banks" and curled up with Olive, the black 'grand dog' of the house.  After drinking ALL TWO QUARTS and alternately weeping and smiling through the movie, I had hoped to win the 'sick' battle.  

 Her magical teapot filled with hot spiced tea, Susan Branch teacup, a pot holder from the days when she was a wee-one weaving with those loops on her little metal loom ..... hand made pottery cup holder ..... good movie and a blankie .... all set.
Knitting Daughter cut the recipe in a third and wrote the portions to the left.  This tea was DELISH.   



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  1. The kitchen is looking so lovely - I do really like the darker paint and agree it makes the cabinets "pop" as well as accent the tile work and granite counter tops. I am imagining all the delicious meals you'll cook in this wonderful room. I also really like the use of bright colors - the "burgundy" stove fan is great! Love, Karen And oh - what a cute teapot and yummy recipe - Get well!!