Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cookies, Cookies and More Cookies

Yesterday was the Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange held in a beautiful country home and hosted by a vivacious and interesting lady.  She is a successful attorney, wife and mother of two, homemaker and fantastic cook.  Not sure how she does it all, but I am grateful to be invited to this cookie party for the third year.  So many cookies - tables full of them.  AND one of the guests wears her own creation Christmas sweater complete with lights and four battery packs!!!!  She creates a NEW SWEATER each year.  Here is this year's invention.

Well, here is one of the battery packs in her hip pocket .... there was another one up one of the sleeves ...
and I think two more hidden on her in other sleeves or pockets.  She confessed that a trip to the ladies' room was quite a feat and no easy undertaking!!!!

Cookies .... cookies .... everywhere.

And we each proceeded to load up our large plates, or boxes, or Tupperware containers, or zip locks .... with three or more of every cookie on that table plus the recipes for each one!!!!!  Our plates runneth over, so to speak!

To counter-act - or perhaps an attempt to prevent - overindulgence on all that sugar, our hostess had healthy snacks and delicious food awaiting in the kitchen.  Bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, spinach dip, cheese trays, stuffed mushrooms - yes, we were treated well.

Closing with a few photos from here at home.  Beekeeping Daughter came over and delivered a gift for me to put under the tree. Can you guess what this present is????  A necklace perhaps?  A ring?  Perhaps a pretty sweater or blouse?????  Hmmmmmmmm.

 She blinged it up with beads, bows, and holly berries!  Pretty wrapping paper on that wonder gift!!!
We then loaded up a little wagon with items that needed to go to Knitting Daughter's home (the wagon needed to be returned to her also), donned our coats, called to be sure Knitting Daughter was home, and hiked the 2.2 miles over to her house.  After a long drink of water, a nice chat and visit, Knitting Daughter presented me with this lovely ornament painted by one of her friends.  Then we hiked back 2.2 miles, hung the ornament on the tree, and felt refreshed and invigorated.  Isn't the ornament lovely?

A nice afternoon with two of my daughters and a good walk ... after a beautiful church service this morning - Christmas Music Sunday with a full orchestra and choir.   A little glimpse of heaven.  What a fine day .... the best.



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