Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Saturday following Thanksgiving - and all through the house!

The turkey is all sliced and taken off the bones and some pieces waiting to be frozen, bones discarded, dressing remains are being eaten - and the dishes are all put away - house is cleaned up!!!!  Now - down with the fall decorations - and time to drag out all the Christmas boxes.  UGH.  They are the only boxes remaining from the move - all the others are unpacked, thank goodness.

I will start with a little 'centerpiece' made from an old sewing machine drawer.  It is  filled with pop corn and colored corn from the bulk bin at Whole Foods - acorns and pieces of nuts from the woods in back, twigs and interesting leaves and berries from the wooded area, and cinnamon sticks.  And, of course, a scented candle.

This was on the buffet next to the table was too big to put in the middle of the dining table and be able to hold a conversation over it!!!!!

I want to show you what I did in the sewing area.... I took the antique spools we had and put some of the old lace pieces around the spools .... and placed them on top of the cabinet above the area where I sew.

It is easier to spot the lace ... and I kind of like the look!

Then today ... the sun peeped out, warmed the air and it was actually nice outside!!!!  One of the sons-in-law and grandsons surprised me and came over on this warm day to split all the logs that had been stacked along the side of the woods from the tree that had to be felled to make room for the house.  What a lot of work!  They made me stay way way back from them in case a piece of wood would come shooting out ... but I managed a few pictures of the ax welding and wood splitting action!!!!  Now there is plenty of wood, in sizes I can manage in the fireplace, to keep me warm all winter!  Wonderful job.

They inspired me to clean up the leaves and spiffy up the yard, cut the grass, and clean up the perennial bed to prepare it for the 'real winter' that will be coming soon.  This day was a very nice respite from the unseasonable cold and snow.  I love days like this!

Working outside in the fresh air was so invigorating - and inspired me to finish up the decorating for Christmas that was begun last night.  Boxes marked "Christmas" were all unloaded, the goodies carted upstairs, and the decorating began in earnest.  Here are some shots of the tree before the last three or four boxes of ornaments were put on .... and I will share other little pictures of things around the house in the next blog .... and the tree in its final finished state!!!!

I thought I might not put up a tree ever again after last year ... what is it about last year???  I just did not like the thought of another tree .... but this year it is so delightful and such a good thing to do.  So many memories are bound up in the little ornaments.  I have enjoyed lugging the boxes out and decorating this lovely house.  It's been a joy.  I just wish you could be here too.



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  1. Oh - wish we could be there too. It is all so beautiful!