Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowed in but warm!

The weather men were right - the snow began in earnest on Sunday - and the frigid -16 degrees below zero temperatures followed on Sunday night through Tuesday night.  Commentators kept warning not to go out - frostbite will occur within minutes and very dangerous - temperatures and wind chills too low to even register in our brains.  However, through this all, the views out the window were something to behold.  The scenes were just spectacular ...stunning ....artistic...graceful...even serene.  I wanted to run outside and take pictures, but remained inside and clicked off some shots through the windows.  I ran around to the front windows .... side windows.... back windows.... looked like Christmas card settings everywhere I went!

I have tried unsuccessfully three or four times to get these photos inserted on the blog so you could see the artistic snow drifts and trees mounded with big puffs and plumps of sparkly snow.  Every time I try to get them over to the blog, the whole thing locks up.  So .... I decided just to write a few thoughts and try again tomorrow on the photos.

As we (at least so many of us in the country right now) are snowed in or kept inside by frigid temperatures, it is too easy to get bogged down in 'cabin fever' and an urge to break out!  I decided to start a list of things I am so grateful for right now and stop fretting over possible frozen pipes or an interruption in electricity.  I decided to enjoy this forced break in routine and make a gratitude list.  Here are a few items on my list:

Thank you, Lord, for a warm house
For a bed to sleep in
For fresh drinking water
For food supplies available
For children who call and check on me
For friends who contact me through e-mail and check up on my welfare
For warm clothing
For eyes that see and contact lenses
For ears that can still hear
For a body that works, legs that walk, arms that move
For the cat who cuddles on my feet at night
For the rabbit who gives his fur for spinning
For a radio with good music
For the library with a supply of good books and materials
For my neighbor who came over to plow the driveway
For a phone to communicate and Internet to connect with the outside
For fabric to sew and a good sewing machine

Well, you get the picture.  How about you?  Do you have a 'thankful list' going at your house?

Keep warm -



  1. I am thankful that things are getting back to "normal"!

  2. When we were without electricity for three days in December, I took it as an opportunity to slow down, to enjoy the being part of human being, knowing there was nothing I could do about the situation. I thought about our ancestors whose entire lives were spent without electricity. Our outage occurred during Advent, a time of waiting and anticipation. It was actually a welcomed time…except for being so darn cold…and I was almost a little blue when the power kicked bak on.!